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Hello, I've ported gpxpy to Python 3, whilst retaining compatibility with Python 2.7 (and possibly earlier).

rob-smallshire added some commits Nov 26, 2012
@rob-smallshire rob-smallshire Updates .gitignore for PyCharm development 8916e42
@rob-smallshire rob-smallshire Port to Python 3, whilst retaining compatibility with Python 2, from …
…a single codebase. Also fixed a defect in gpx.reduce_points() revealed by Python 3 being stricter which object comparisons.

Hi Robert,

I already responded you via email, but just for other users of gpxpy to know the status of this pull request:

Seems OK to me. I'll test it for a few days on a development version of www.trackprofiler.com. If everything is OK I'll merge your pull request (which, BTW, seems better than my try).



OK, I merged this to my branch rob-smallshire-python3, but (because of my previous merge of lxml compatibility branch) -- there are a test failures. When I fix them all it will be merged to master.

@tkrajina tkrajina closed this Dec 12, 2012
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