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Leaflet.js Editable Polylines plugin

Work in progress

Why another editable polyline plugin?

Most editable polylines have performance problems on bigger polylines because of too many markers shown on the map.


  • Show editable markers only for a selected part of the map and only if no more than specified number of points are shown.
  • Add points between two points, before the first point or after the last
  • Split polylines
  • Keep context data with every point (even if new points are added before this one or the current polyline is splitted from the original one).

BTW, Leaflet.Editable.Polyline is still a work in progress and some APIs may change.


  • Join polylines


How to...

Initialize the polyline:

L.tileLayer(osmUrl, {minZoom: 0, maxZoom: 15, attribution: osmAttrib}).addTo(map);
var coordinates = [ [45.2750072361, 13.7187695503], [45.2757622049, 13.7198746204], [45.2763963762, 13.7197780609] /*, ...*/ ];
var polyline = L.Polyline.PolylineEditor(coordinates, {maxMarkers: 100}).addTo(map);

The initialization method is:

L.Polyline.PolylineEditor(coordinates, options, contexts);


var polyline = L.Polyline.PolylineEditor(coordinates, options);

Options is a normal Leaflet polyline options object with some additions:

  • maxMarkers is a max number of editable markers to be shown. That means that if the current map bounds are such that more than maxMarkers points of the polyline are in map bounds -- the polyline will not be editable. This can be used for very large polylines where too many editable markers would make editing too CPU-intennsive.
  • pointIcon icon to be shown for point markers.
  • newPointIcon icon to be shown for middle point markers (markers used when creating new points).
  • newPolylines if true then double-click on map will create a new polyline (with only one point).

The editing can be done with:

  • drag the point marker to move it around
  • right-click on point marker to remove the point
  • drag the middle point marker to create new points between two existing
  • right-click on middle point marker to split the point
  • click on the first or last point to add a new first/last point

When the editing is done, you can retrieve all points with:

var points = polyline.getPoints()
for(var i = 0; i < points.length; i++) {
    var point = points[i];
    console.log('latLng=' + point.getLatLng());
    if(point.context) {
        // The original position of this point (new point may be added or 
        // removed before this one when editing):
        console.log('originalPointNo=' + point.context.originalPointNo);
        console.log('originalPolylineNo=' + point.context.originalPolylineNo);

The contexts can be null or an array of objects. Values from the contexts will be stored with every point and can be retrieved later with point.context.

You can add as many editable polylines as you need. The resulting polylines can be retrieved with:

var polylines = map.getEditablePolylines()


Leaflet.Editable.Polyline is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0