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Contribute to ep-3 Bookingsystem

Contribution of code is very simple and (generally 😌) welcome.

Just send GitHub pull requests to suggest new features, fixes or any other code changes and they will be gladly reviewed.

Keep in mind though, that such requests will not necessarily be accepted. In order to enable quick reviews, you should keep your requests small and consise, describe them properly and follow the coding guidelines (see below).

Coding Guidelines

The project generally follows the PSR-4 coding standards, just like Zend Framework 2 does (which the system is based on), so make sure to read them and apply them to your commits.

Regarding the architecture, this project is heavily based on ZF2 architecture and philosophy, so the ZF2 documentation will also be a valuable source of information.

Since the system requires PHP 5.4+, everyone is encouraged to use all the new features that version has to offer.


By contributing your code, you agree to license your contribution under the MIT license.

Bug reports, feature requests, ideas ...

We use the GitHub Issue Tracker for such things:

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