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unified lint recurses over directories runs e.g. pychecker, pylint, pep8, cppcheck
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This project currently is not continued, check for an alternative

unilint: unified static code analysis reports

Works on Linux, depends on GNU find, grep and xargs. Requires separate installation of static code analysers, currently supports

  • pep8
  • pychecker
  • pylint
  • pyflakes
  • cppcheck
  • cpplint (from pypi)


You can install/update unilint via pip:

sudo pip install -U unilint

To get the static code analysers, run

sudo apt-get install pychecker cppcheck
sudo pip install -U pep8 pyflakes pylint cpplint

You can also get pep8, pyflakes and pylint using apt-get, but those will often be older versions, so decide for yourself.


Usage: unilint [OPTIONS] [PATH]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         verbose output.
  --version             print version and meta information
  --debug               debug output.
  -l LEVEL, --level=LEVEL
                        A number or one of
  -p, --plugins         List Available plugins
                        Choose plugins by comma separated id, all others
                        Choose plugins by comma separated id, ignored with
  -t, --tests           Also check unit tests
  -g, --generated       Also check generated Files
  --format=FORMAT       Custom line format using flags $f,$F,$M,$L,$P,$C,$T,$S
  -f FORMATTER, --formatter=FORMATTER
                        One of: full,brief,short
  -o, --ordered         Orders issues by file and line
  -r, --raw             Just prints the output of the checker as is

roslint: unilint for the ROS Robot Operating System

The roslint command is a small extension to the unilint command which also takes ROS packages and stacks as arguments, and will look for python script files in more folders.

Usage: roslint [OPTIONS] [PATH or STACK or PACKAGE]



  • more pylint bugs, also use pylint for whole packages
  • fix pep8 relative path showing when not desired
  • reactive pyflakes, as pychecker was disabled
  • some duplicate detection bugs fixed


  • Improved pylint behavior, fixed several minor bugs around it


  • travis-ci integration tests
  • filter warning about multiple statement on one line
  • py3k compatibility


  • bugfixes around duplicate detection
  • disable pychecker as it is vulnerable to malicious code
  • earlier output for ordered issue list of folder
  • prettier output on keyboardInterrupt
  • fix failing unit test
  • code style improved
  • fix roslint cli
  • cpplint integration test
  • fixed cppcheck/cpplint invocation bug
  • fix pylint error when calling with filename


  • added support for cpplint (from googlecode)


  • Bugs fixed when giving a relative path to filename


  • passing test files/folders directly works without -t
  • fix relative paths display
  • removed duplicate "line too long" and mixed tabs messages
  • allowing more than one path/file as argument
  • refactoring


  • fix ordering by line number


  • refactoring for better file traversal
  • several minor bugs fixed


  • fix sorting line number
  • sereral minor bugs fixed


  • first release
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