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Find file Copy path
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package faketime
import (
type faketime struct {
nowPatch *monkey.PatchGuard
year int
month time.Month
day int
hour int
min int
sec int
nsec int
loc *time.Location
time time.Time
func NewFaketime(year int, month time.Month, day, hour, min, sec, nsec int, loc *time.Location) *faketime {
return &faketime{
year: year,
month: month,
day: day,
hour: hour,
min: min,
sec: sec,
nsec: nsec,
loc: loc,
func NewFaketimeWithTime(t time.Time) *faketime {
return &faketime{
time: t,
func (f *faketime) Do() {
f.nowPatch = monkey.Patch(time.Now, func() time.Time {
if f.time.IsZero() {
return time.Date(f.year, f.month,, f.hour, f.min, f.sec, f.nsec, f.loc)
return f.time
func (f *faketime) Undo() {
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