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AIDA Sentences
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AIDA Sentences

AIDA is a scheme for English sentences. Such sentences are:

  • Atomic: a sentence describing one thought that cannot be further broken down in a practical way
  • Independent: a sentence that can stand on its own, without external references like "this effect" or "we"
  • Declarative: a complete sentence ending with a full stop that could in theory be either true or false
  • Absolute: a sentence describing the core of a claim ignoring the (un)certainty about its truth and ignoring how it was discovered (no "probably" or "evaluation showed that"); typically in present tense


See the following publications for the details:


A simple example of an AIDA sentence is:

Malaria is transmitted by moquitoes.

This is a more specific and more complex example:

The degree of hepatic reticuloendothelial function impairment does not differ between cirrhotic patients with and without previous history of SBP.


AIDA sentences can be represented by URIs of the following form:

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