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A collection of scripts related to @ocram's picons
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A collection of scripts related to @ocram's picons

  • is a Python 2.x script that takes your particular VDR-style channels.conf and a directory with picons to create a shell script for Enigma2 style service reference symlinks. It tries a simple matching algorithm from channel name to picon name, and leaves everything else commented out for manual correction/addition.

    For usage instructions, see:

    python2 -h

    Important note: Your channels.conf should be created by the w_scan tool or the vdr-wirbelscan plugin. Using a channels.conf created by the scan tool from the dvb-apps will not work properly.

  • creates the same symlinks as @ocram's, but only for the German DVB-C provider Kabel BW.

  • basically does a comparison between your current channels.conf and a new one, ideally generated by w_scan. The order of channels in the files is irrelevant, so if you - like me - cleaned up and reordered your channels.conf, you'll probably love this tool. The output has at most four sections:

      1. Channel PARAMETER changes - for channels that changed frequency etc. since last scan
      2. Channel NAME changes - for channels that were replaced by others
      3. Channels that are NO LONGER found
      4. NEW Channels

    For usage instructions, see:

    python2 -h

  • compares two scripts and lists entries from the second that are missing in the first. For a complete sync just swap the commandline arguments. :-)

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