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An AppleScript module to with managing terminal windows
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TerminalCommander is an AppleScript library to help excuting shell commnads in It is easy simple excution of shell commands in by using "do script" command. This libary provides following flexibily to control

  • Customizing appearence of terminal to execute shell commands, for example, changing the terminal title and the settings set.
  • Send next command after completion of previous command.
  • By following a terminal window, Sending a command to same terminal window.
    • An instance of TerminalCommander remenber the terminal send a commnd. From next time, the terminal window is used by "do" and "do_with" command.
    • If the terminal window is lost, TerminalCommander can find a terminal window by specified custom title or specified working directory.
    • Setting of is required to find a terminal window by specified woking directory. Execute by source command in .zprofile or .bash_profile.


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Copyright © 2003-2020 Kurita Tetsuro Licensed under the GPL license.

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