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added git log. added git_status. even if no modification, message wil…

…l be display. use new perform_shell of XFile
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commit f7fdef14d4744592e1aca558b8143d8ec70748f9 1 parent d1f084d
@tkurita authored
28 Contents/Resources/Scripts/main.applescript
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ end run
on update_decompile(a_target)
set a_target to XFile's make_with_pathinfo(a_target)
- set scpt_list to a_target's perform_shell("find", "-name '*.scpt'")
+ set scpt_list to a_target's perform_shell("find %s -name '*.scpt'")
script decompiler
on do(scpt_path)
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ on update_decompile(a_target)
return true
end if
if x_scpt's info()'s modification date > decompiled_file's info()'s modification date then
- x_scpt's perform_shell("osadecompile", "> " & decompiled_file's quoted_path())
+ x_scpt's perform_shell("osadecompile %s > " & decompiled_file's quoted_path())
end if
return true
end do
@@ -56,14 +56,12 @@ end do_git_in_terminal
on git_diff(a_target)
do_git_in_terminal(a_target, "git diff")
- (*
- set a_result to do_git(a_target, "git diff")
- tell application "GitX"
- show diff a_result
- end tell
- *)
end git_diff
+on git_log(a_target)
+ do_git_in_terminal(a_target, "git log")
+end git_log
on open_terminal(a_target)
set cd_command to "cd " & a_target's posix_path()'s quoted form
InferiorTerminal's do(cd_command)
@@ -93,6 +91,14 @@ on git_init(a_target)
do_git(a_target, "git add Contents")
end git_init
+on git_status(a_target, git_command)
+ set a_result to do_git(a_target, git_command)
+ if a_result's length is 0 then
+ set a_result to do_git(a_target, "git status")
+ end if
+ display alert a_result
+end git_status
on modified_added_files(a_target)
set git_command to "git status -s| grep '^ *[AM] '|sed 's/^ *[AM] *//g'"
set a_result to do_git(a_target, git_command)
@@ -119,7 +125,7 @@ on process_item(a_target)
end if
set a_result to ¬
- choose from list {"commit -a", "push", "status -s", "diff", "tag", "export", "-------", "Terminal", "GitX", "Update pre-commit"} ¬
+ choose from list {"commit -a", "push", "status -s", "log", "diff", "tag", "export", "-------", "Terminal", "GitX", "Update pre-commit"} ¬
with title "git-scptd" with prompt "Actions for " & a_target's item_name()'s quoted form & ¬
" :" without multiple selections allowed and empty selection allowed
if class of a_result is list then
@@ -127,6 +133,10 @@ on process_item(a_target)
set git_command to "git " & an_action
if an_action is "diff" then
return git_diff(a_target)
+ else if an_action is "log" then
+ return git_log(a_target)
+ else if an_action starts with "status" then
+ return git_status(a_target, git_command)
else if an_action is "export" then
return export_target(a_target)
else if an_action is "Terminal" then
BIN  Contents/Resources/Scripts/main.scpt
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