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Last modified: 2013-10-15 19:02:54 tkych

Version: 0.0.34 (alpha)

Lisp-Dojo: Lisp Training Hall

the most effective learning requires a well-defined task with an appropriate difficulty level for the particular individual, informative feedback, and opportunities for repetition and corrections of errors.

--- Jean Lave, Cognition in Practice, p. 20-21 quoted by Peter Norvig, Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

In most fields the appearance of ease seems to come with practice. Perhaps what practice does is train your unconscious mind to handle tasks that used to require conscious thought. ... When people talk about being in "the zone," I think what they mean is that the spinal cord has the situation under control. Your spinal cord is less hesitant, and it frees conscious thought for the hard problems.

--- Paul Graham, Taste for Makers


Dojo (道場) is a training hall to learning morality and martial arts (e.g. Karate, Judo, Ninja, etc.) in Japan. Lisp-Dojo is a training hall for the practice of Common Lisp (to make functions, data-stractures and macros).

We suppose that you already have a knowledge of Common Lisp basics (syntax, built-in functions and data-types, etc.). If you want first to learn/review Common Lisp basics, the following excellent resources are abailable on the web.

For more links about Common Lisp for newcomers are found in here.


$ is a command prompt.

$ ./lisp-dojo --help

~~~~ print usage message ~~~~

$ ./lisp-dojo problem 0


 HELLO => greeting-string

   Make function HELLO.
   It takes no arguments, and returns "Wellcome to the Lisp Dojo!".


   (hello) => "Wellcome to the Lisp Dojo!"

 New answer file generated: your-solutions/000-hello.lisp
 Write your solution in your-solutions/000-hello.lisp

$ ./lisp-dojo check 0
FAIL ... (hello) =>? "Wellcome to the Lisp Dojo!" ... => UNDEFINED-FUNCTION-CALL
Some Tests Failed --- Try again this practice in your-solutions/000-hello.lisp

~~~~ edit your-solutions/000-hello.lisp ~~~~ e.g. (defun hello () 'Wellcome-to-the-Lisp-Dojo!)

$ ./lisp-dojo check 0
FAIL ... (hello) =>? "Wellcome to the Lisp Dojo!" ... => WELLCOME-TO-THE-LISP-DOJO!
Some Tests Failed --- Try again this practice in your-solutions/000-hello.lisp

$ ./lisp-dojo hint 0
No arguments, return string.

~~~~ edit your-solutions/000-hello.lisp ~~~~ e.g. (defun hello () "Wellcome to the Lisp Dojo!")

$ ./lisp-dojo check 0
PASS ... (hello) => "Wellcome to the Lisp Dojo!"
All Tests Passed -- Challenge next practice in answers/001-hello.lisp

~~~~ print succsess message ~~~~

$ ./lisp-dojo solutions 0
 (defun hello () "Wellcome to the Lisp Dojo!")


  • Documemtations is not compleate.
  • The solutions are just some solutions of many solutions.
  • The check is not perfect. e.g. the function defined by the following anwser is also pass the check.
      (defun hello (&optional foo)
        (unnecessary-computation foo)
        "Wellcome to the Lisp Dojo!")
  • If no return, probably infinit-loop occurs.
  • using REPL.
  • Initialization: remove all files in lisp-dojo/your-solutions, change the number in .dojo to 0.


Author, License, Copyright

  • Takaya OCHIAI <#.(reverse "moc.liamg@lper.hcykt")>

  • The MIT License (lisp-dojo/lisp-dojo, lisp-dojo/core.lisp)

  • Copyright (C) 2013 Takaya OCHIAI

  • The Public Domain (all files in lisp-dojo/practices/)