Baking a new CakePHP project with git, and managing the cake core with git submodule
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CakePHP 2.0 + Git starter script

A small shell script to bake a new CakePHP project, initialize it as a git repository, and install the cake core as its submodule.



  • CakePHP 2.x
  • Git >= 1.5.3
  • *NIX environment (which, wget, sed, etc.)


$ ./ /path/to/new_project 2.0.6

# This will build the following directory structure:
# /path/to/new_project
#     + app
#           + Controller
#           + Model
#           + ...
#     + cakephp (managed as a submodule and refering to 2.0.6)
#           + lib
#           + app
#           + vendors
#           + ...

The newly created directory has been initialized as a git repository, so you are ready to make a first commit to it.

$ cd /path/to/new_project
$ git status
$ git commit -m 'Initial commit'

A shortcut script to the cake shell is created in bin/.

$ ./bin/cake bake database

If you want to switch the cake core versions, checkout the appropriate tag in the submodule.

$ cd /path/to/new_project/cakephp
$ git checkout 2.1.0-beta


This script runs as follows:

  1. Clones the official cakephp repository into ~/.submodule-cakephp
  2. Checks out the specified tag in (1)
  3. Invokes bake project $project_path/app
  4. Initializes $project_path as a git repository
  5. Adds the official cakephp repository as a submodule located in $project_path/cakephp
  6. Checks out the specified tag in (5)
  7. Updates app/webroot/{index,test}.php to correct CAKE_CORE_INCLUDE_PATH
  8. Adds empty files so that git can hold the app/ directory structure
  9. Creates .gitignore, bin/cake, etc.

At the second time or later, it skips the (1) step and executes git pull instead.