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SORRY, THIS PLUGIN IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Please use other plugin like
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Please use other plugins like jQuery hashchange.

jQuery History Plugin

jQuery history plugin helps you to support back/forward buttons and bookmarks in your javascript applications. You can store the application state into URL hash and restore the state from it.

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8+
  • Safari 4 and 5+
  • Google Chrome 4+

This plugin is built on hashchange event, which is defined in HTML5 and supported in most modern browsers. Unless it is supported the plugin works on some fallback mechanisms:

  • monitoring location.hash by setInterval (Safari 4)
  • iframe and setInterval (IE 6, 7, and compatibility mode on IE8)

Demos and Documentations


Originaly developed by Taku Sano (Mikage Sawatari).

And now maintained by Takayuki Miwa. github/tkyk

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