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Stemmaweb - a Catalyst webservice for text tradition analysis

Stemmaweb is a web application, developed in Perl (using the Catalyst framework) and Javascript (using JQuery), for analysis of the copying relationships (stemmatology) between different manuscript versions of the same text.

Trying it out

A Dockerfile is included in the repository, which will set up a test version of Stemmaweb on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS virtual server, listening on port 3000. If you want to install a production version, read on below.


To run Stemmaweb you need a working Perl installation (5.12 or above) and, preferably, a working webserver. The following steps will get you set up to run the standalone service:

  • Ensure that the following software is installed (the list given is that of the relevant Ubuntu packages):

    • gcc
    • make
    • libxml2-dev
    • zlib1g-dev
    • libexpat1-dev
    • graphviz
    • libssl-dev
    • libgmp-dev
  • Install the following Perl modules:

    • App::cpanminus
    • Module::Install::Catalyst
  • Install the dependencies for Stemmaweb from this directory:

      cd /PATH/TO/stemmaweb && cpanm -S --installdeps .
  • Make a test database (which relies on SQLite being installed) and test the installation at http://localhost:3000/ :

  • If you only want to test Stemmaweb, then you are done! Otherwise, create a database for the storage of text tradition data. This can be anything supported by Perl's DBI, so long as you have the database software and relevant DBD::* drivers installed.

  • Replace the database settings in stemmaweb.conf with the settings for your database. If you are using MySQL, for example, the contents of the stanza might look like this:

      dsn dbi:mysql:dbname=stemmaweb;host=DB_HOSTNAME
      	user STEMMAWEB_USER
      	password STEMMAWEB_PASS
      		mysql_enable_utf8 1
  • (Optionally) configure Stemmaweb to run under FastCGI, Starman, or any other Catalyst-compatible application framework. See for more information. The provided stemmaweb.psgi was written to work with Starman running behind Apache on a specified non-root URL path.

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