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The Brontinus release

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@lemmy lemmy released this 23 Feb 00:16
· 575 commits to master since this release

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The high level changelog is available at The 1.7.1 milestone lists all completed issues.

Additional noteworthy changes


  • Improve some of TLC's error messages. e328ae9
  • Add TLC!TLCGet("generated") that equals the number of states generated. fa76630
  • Prototype: Support multiple TLA+ modules in a single .tla file. 505e073
  • Programatically stop simulation with TLC!TLCSet("exit", TRUE). d62b289
  • Prototype: Add an interactive TLA+ REPL. 97afa3c (Screencast)
  • Drop intermittent stuttering steps from error trace in simulation mode. cfcfafb
  • Return non-zero error codes from SANY on more errors. 10f77cf
  • ALIAS. f5306c6
  • POSTCONDITION. ced9269 e9be5d0 be394f8
  • Prototype: Visualize action coverage in simulation mode. 3d3259d 3913dd1
  • Report number of and mean/variance/standard deviation of length of generated traces in simulation mode. d175e31 7a3bcb0
  • Let users set the maximum number of traces to generate in simulation mode. a969d55
  • TLC shows no error trace for violations of TLC!Assert, ... (regression in 1.7.0). 19757bd
  • State graph visualization in dot format broken for specs with instantiation. a8fc5b1
  • Simulation mode ignores ASSUMPTIONS. #496
  • TLC!RandomElement breaks error trace re-construction in simulation mode. e0d64f6
  • NoClassDefError when running TLC on Java 1.8. e6bd13e
  • Replace custom implementation of (heap) sort in TeX with java.utils.Arrays#sort #539 8b52d23


  • Open a Toolbox spec, module, or TLC model in the file manager such as Windows Explorer, Finder, or Nautilus.
  • Proof-of-concept: Remove GraphViz dependency by rendering state graph visualization with embedded browser (macOS & Linux only). 478d856
  • Bundle CommunityModules as part of the Toolbox. 3beb711
  • Upgrade Eclipse foundation to its 2020-06 release for better HiDPI support. dc67692
  • Set ALIAS and POSTCONDITION in Toolbox's model editor. e8054e8 d3cfde5
  • Re-worked PlusCal/TLA+ divergence warning (please manually remove 1.7.0 markers). f1cf514 e434e13 7c61d1a
  • Quickly open spec or model in OS file manager. 06280a4
  • Do not enter Spec as next-state relation when restarting model-checking from a state in the error-trace. 7f50021
  • Multiline trace expressions fail to parse in Toolbox. defe0c7


We are grateful for contributions to this release from: William Schultz, Paulo Rafael Feodrippe, and zmatti.


sha1sum file
9416f74257aa50f250776db34964db7ec99e9883 tla2tools.jar
2bd88a866a8374b44cdc2c3e62260e388316552f TLAToolbox-1.7.1-linux.gtk.amd64.deb