Python command line client for tldr
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A Python command line client for tldr.

tldr screenshot


from PyPI

$ pip install tldr

from Arch Linux repository

$ sudo pacman -S tldr

from Fedora packages repository

$ sudo dnf install tldr


  • tldr <command>


You can configure the behaviour and output of the tldr client by setting environment variables. For example, in the .bashrc file:

export TLDR_COLOR_BLANK="white"
export TLDR_COLOR_NAME="cyan"
export TLDR_COLOR_EXAMPLE="green"


  • TLDR_CACHE_ENABLED (default is 1):
    • If set to 1, the client will first try to load from cache, and fall back to fetching from the internet if the cache doesn't exist or is too old.
    • If set to 0, the client will fetch from the internet, and fall back to the cache if the page cannot be fetched from the internet.
  • TLDR_CACHE_MAX_AGE (default is 24): maximum age of the cache in hours to be considered as valid when TLDR_CACHE_ENABLED is set to 1.

Cache location in order of precedence

  • $XDG_CACHE_HOME/tldr
  • $HOME/.cache/tldr
  • ~/.cache/tldr
  • Previously, the cache resided in $HOME/.tldr_cache

If you are experiencing issues with tldr, consider deleting the cache files before trying other measures.


Values of the TLDR_COLOR_x variables may consist of three parts:

  • Font color, required: blue, green, yellow, cyan, magenta, white, grey, red
  • Background color: on_blue, on_cyan, on_magenta, on_white, on_grey, on_yellow, on_red, on_green
  • Additional effects, which depends on platform: reverse, blink, dark, concealed, underline, bold

Values of background color and additional effect may be omitted:

  • TLDR_COLOR_DESCRIPTION="white" for white text on default system background color without any effects
  • TLDR_COLOR_NAME="cyan dark" for dark cyan text on default system background color
  • TLDR_COLOR_PARAMETER="red on_yellow underline" for underlined red text on yellow background