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Welcome to the public monorepo for tldraw. tldraw is a library for creating infinite canvas experiences in React. It's the software behind the digital whiteboard

Local development

The local development server will run our examples app. The basic example will show any changes you've made to the codebase.

To run the local development server, first clone this repo.

Install dependencies:


Start the local development server:

yarn dev

Open the example project at localhost:5420.


tldraw's source code and distributed packages are provided under the non-commercial tldraw license.

This license does not permit commercial use. If you wish to use tldraw in a commercial product or enterprise, you will need to purchase a commercial license. To obtain a commercial license, please contact us at

To learn more, see our license page.


The tldraw name and logo are trademarks of tldraw. Please see our trademark guidelines for info on acceptable usage.


Have questions, comments or feedback? Join our discord or start a discussion.


Please see our contributing guide. Found a bug? Please submit an issue.


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Find us on Twitter at @tldraw or email You can also join our discord for quick help and support.