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Case-insensitive dictionary
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dicti is a dictionary with case-insensitive keys.

It works like the normal dict except that key matching is case-insensitive.


pip install dicti


Import dicti.

from dicti import dicti

Then instantiate dicti like you would a normal dict; for example, these work.

dict(foo = 'bar', answer = 42)
dicti(foo = 'bar', answer = 42)

dict({'foo': 'bar', 'answer': 42})
dicti({'foo': 'bar', 'answer': 42})

Retrieving keys

You can retrieve an item with a case-insensitive match.

di = dicti()
di['cAsE'] = 1
di['case'] == di['CASE']

Methods that record keys record the original case, just as a normal dictionary does.

di = dicti()
di['cAsE'] = 1
di.keys() == ['cAsE']
di['Case'] = 1
di.keys() == ['Case']
di['caSE'] == 1

Keys are still stored in their original case, however; the original keys are presented when you request them with methods like dicti.keys.

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