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PackRat: Backups that you can't delete

I back things up on email, Gitorious, SmugMug, GitHub, Google Docs, &c. rather than on my own hardware because it's hard to delete them from these services and hard to lose my authentication credentials. The delete buttons are buried inside of menus, and that button normally puts the stuff in some intermediate place (the "trash") before deleting them. And I can change the authentication credentials as long as I have access to the right email account.

Why not have a more general, less clumsy thing that works like that?

I propose a tool that makes it easy to take backups and hard to delete them. Let's call it "PackRat". Minimally, it has a command-line interface with four commands.

# Upload one file. Name clashes are reported;
# existing files are never overwritten.
packrat put foobar.tar.gz

# List the files that have been uploaded
packrat list

# Retrieve one file that has been backed up
packrat get foobar.tar.gz

# "Trash" a file. The file will be deleted in 30 days, and multiple
# stages of confirmation will be requested.
packrat delete foobar.tar.gz

It could also have more commands and be a website and whatnot. If I make it, there will probably be a minimal client that sends files and commands to a server over SSH. The server would send files to some fancy storage backend, like a cloud hosting provider or a distributed filesystem. I can make this in a weekend.

If I made this or something like it and let you use it for free, would you use it?

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