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Total Images: 48 images

Latest Version: v0.6.7 - 16 images

Three ways to use

<!-- Brand: Icon Font -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<!-- Brand: SVG Sprite -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<!-- Brand: Images in PDF, PNG and SVG format -->
<img src="">

Previous Versions

v0.6.6 - red hat image update

v0.6.5 - red hat image update

v0.6.4 - 3 image

v0.6.3 - 1 image

v0.6.2 - 1 image

v0.6.1 - 1 image

v0.6.0 - 26 images

Three ways to use

Replace <version> with desired version
<!-- Brand: Icon Font -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="<version>/style.min.css">
<!-- Brand: SVG Sprite -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="<version>/sprite/sprite.min.css">
<!-- Brand: Images in PDF, PNG and SVG format -->
<img src="<version>/img/PNG/apache.png">

Included Images: v0.6.7

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-azure"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-azure"><use xlink:href="#b-azure"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-aws"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-aws"><use xlink:href="#b-aws"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-composer"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-composer"><use xlink:href="#b-composer"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-daybreak"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-daybreak"><use xlink:href="#b-daybreak"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-docker"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-docker"><use xlink:href="#b-docker"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-gitlab"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-gitlab"><use xlink:href="#b-gitlab"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-netezza"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-netezza"><use xlink:href="#b-netezza"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-outlook"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-outlook"><use xlink:href="#b-outlook"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-planview"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-planview"><use xlink:href="#b-planview"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-sendgrid"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-sendgrid"><use xlink:href="#b-sendgrid"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-shrine"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-shrine"><use xlink:href="#b-shrine"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-thousandeyes"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-thousandeyes"><use xlink:href="#b-thousandeyes"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-accellion"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-accellion"><use xlink:href="#b-accellion"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-box"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-box"><use xlink:href="#b-box"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-f5"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-f5"><use xlink:href="#b-f5"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-twilio"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-twilio"><use xlink:href="#b-twilio"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-stonebranch"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-stonebranch"><use xlink:href="#b-stonebranch"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-xmatters"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-xmatters"><use xlink:href="#b-xmatters"></use></svg>

Included Images: v0.6.4

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-slack"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-slack"><use xlink:href="#b-slack"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-rlang"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-rlang"><use xlink:href="#b-rlang"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-tierpoint"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-tierpoint"><use xlink:href="#b-tierpoint"></use></svg>

Included Images: v0.6.3

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-centos"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-centos"><use xlink:href="#b-centos"></use></svg>

Included Images: v0.6.2

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-matomo"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-matomo"><use xlink:href="#b-matomo"></use></svg>

Included Images: v0.6.1

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-nginx"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-nginx"><use xlink:href="#b-nginx"></use></svg>

Included Images: v0.6.0

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-ansible"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-ansible"><use xlink:href="#b-ansible"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-apache"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-apache"><use xlink:href="#b-apache"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-artifactory"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-artifactory"><use xlink:href="#b-artifactory"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-elastic"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-elastic"><use xlink:href="#b-elastic"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-elasticsearch"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-elasticsearch"><use xlink:href="#b-elasticsearch"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-googlecloud"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-googlecloud"><use xlink:href="#b-googlecloud"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-java"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-java"><use xlink:href="#b-java"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-jenkins"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-jenkins"><use xlink:href="#b-jenkins"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-jira"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-jira"><use xlink:href="#b-jira"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-kibana"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-kibana"><use xlink:href="#b-kibana"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-mailchimp"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-mailchimp"><use xlink:href="#b-mailchimp"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-mariadb"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-mariadb"><use xlink:href="#b-mariadb"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-monit"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-monit"><use xlink:href="#b-monit"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-monyog"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-monyog"><use xlink:href="#b-monyog"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-mysql"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-mysql"><use xlink:href="#b-mysql"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-nutch"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-nutch"><use xlink:href="#b-nutch"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-oracle"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-oracle"><use xlink:href="#b-oracle"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-pivotaltracker"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-pivotaltracker"><use xlink:href="#b-pivotaltracker"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-pma"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-pma"><use xlink:href="#b-pma"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-redhat"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-redhat"><use xlink:href="#b-redhat"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-solr"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-solr"><use xlink:href="#b-solr"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-splunk"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-splunk"><use xlink:href="#b-splunk"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-statuscake"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-statuscake"><use xlink:href="#b-statuscake"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-tomcat"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-tomcat"><use xlink:href="#b-tomcat"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-windows"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-windows"><use xlink:href="#b-windows"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="brands b-wordpress"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="brands b-wordpress"><use xlink:href="#b-wordpress"></use></svg>


Font generated by: icomoon

SVG created with: Affinity Designer

CDN Details: jsdelivr