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Total Images: 42 images

Latest Version: v0.6.7 - 1 images - 1 update

Three ways to use

<!-- victr: Icon Font -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<!-- victr: SVG Sprite -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<!-- victr: Images in PDF, PNG and SVG format -->
<img src="">

Previous Versions

v0.6.6 - 0 images (bad upload)

v0.6.5 - 1 images

v0.6.4 - 1 images

v0.6.3 - 2 images

v0.6.2 - 3 images

v0.6.1 - 1 image

v0.6.0 - 33 images

Three ways to use

Replace <version> with desired version
<!-- victr: Icon Font -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="<version>/style.min.css">
<!-- victr: SVG Sprite -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="<version>/sprite/sprite.min.css">
<!-- victr: Images in PDF, PNG and SVG format -->
<img src="<version>/img/PNG/ara4us.png">

Included Images: v0.6.7

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-ld"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-ld"><use xlink:href="#v-ld"></use></svg>

Updated Images: v0.6.7

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-pegasus"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-pegasus"><use xlink:href="#v-pegasus"></use></svg>

Included Images: v0.6.5

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-victraim"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-victraim"><use xlink:href="#v-victraim"></use></svg>

Included Images: v0.6.4

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-starcrn"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-starcrn"><use xlink:href="#v-starcrn"></use></svg>

Included Images: v0.6.3

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-abnlmarro"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-abnlmarro"><use xlink:href="#v-abnlmarro"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-victastrialsites"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-victastrialsites"><use xlink:href="#v-victastrialsites"></use></svg>

Included Images: v0.6.2

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-dnascan"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-dnascan"><use xlink:href="#v-dnascan"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-proclaimstudy"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-proclaimstudy"><use xlink:href="#v-proclaimstudy"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-shrine"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-shrine"><use xlink:href="#v-shrine"></use></svg>

Included Images: v0.6.1

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-drugrepurposing"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-drugrepurposing"><use xlink:href="#v-drugrepurposing"></use></svg>

Included Images: v0.6.0

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-airflo"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-airflo"><use xlink:href="#v-airflo"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-ara4us"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-ara4us"><use xlink:href="#v-ara4us"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-cds_kb"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-cds_kb"><use xlink:href="#v-cds_kb"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-daybreak"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-daybreak"><use xlink:href="#v-daybreak"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-emerge"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-emerge"><use xlink:href="#v-emerge"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-etl_dashboard"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-etl_dashboard"><use xlink:href="#v-etl_dashboard"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-fastertogether"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-fastertogether"><use xlink:href="#v-fastertogether"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-irb_choice"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-irb_choice"><use xlink:href="#v-irb_choice"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-irex"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-irex"><use xlink:href="#v-irex"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-mid-south"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-mid-south"><use xlink:href="#v-mid-south"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-mydruggenome"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-mydruggenome"><use xlink:href="#v-mydruggenome"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-myredcap"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-myredcap"><use xlink:href="#v-myredcap"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-noaac"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-noaac"><use xlink:href="#v-noaac"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-participants"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-participants"><use xlink:href="#v-participants"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-peer"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-peer"><use xlink:href="#v-peer"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-pegasus"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-pegasus"><use xlink:href="#v-pegasus"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-pmforallpeople"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-pmforallpeople"><use xlink:href="#v-pmforallpeople"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-rd"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-rd"><use xlink:href="#v-rd"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-recruit"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-recruit"><use xlink:href="#v-recruit"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-redcap"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-redcap"><use xlink:href="#v-redcap"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-redcapmobile"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-redcapmobile"><use xlink:href="#v-airredcapmobileflo"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-researchmatch"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-researchmatch"><use xlink:href="#v-researchmatch"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-right"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-right"><use xlink:href="#v-right"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-rocket"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-rocket"><use xlink:href="#v-rocket"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-sd"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-sd"><use xlink:href="#v-sd"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-sphinx"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-sphinx"><use xlink:href="#v-sphinx"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-starbrite"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-starbrite"><use xlink:href="#v-starbrite"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-stride"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-stride"><use xlink:href="#v-stride"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-studies"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-studies"><use xlink:href="#v-studies"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-tin"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-tin"><use xlink:href="#v-tin"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-trialstoday"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-trialstoday"><use xlink:href="#v-trialstoday"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-vcc"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-vcc"><use xlink:href="#v-vcc"></use></svg>

Icon Font: <i class="victr v-vumc"></i>

SVG Sprite: <svg class="victr v-airvumcflo"><use xlink:href="#v-vumc"></use></svg>


Font generated by: icomoon

SVG created with: Affinity Designer

CDN Details: jsdelivr