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Fixed `wg-last1' typo

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tlh committed Nov 8, 2010
1 parent 1df6c4b commit 132386ef97662cc640750fc1f04b001c9e5e6435
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  1. +11 −11 workgroups.el
@@ -774,7 +774,7 @@ minibuffer is active.")))
(defun wg-last-win (w)
"Return the last actual window in W."
- (if (wg-window-p w) w (wg-last-win (last1 (wg-wlist w)))))
+ (if (wg-window-p w) w (wg-last-win (wg-last1 (wg-wlist w)))))
(defun wg-minify-win (w)
"Return a copy of W with the smallest allowable dimensions."
@@ -1043,17 +1043,17 @@ Return the buffer if it was found, nil otherwise."
(defun wg-restore-wconfig (wconfig)
"Restore WCONFIG in `selected-frame'."
- (let ((f (selected-frame)) wt)
+ (let ((frame (selected-frame)) wt)
(wg-abind wconfig (left top sbars sbwid)
- (setq wt (w-set-frame-size-and-scale-wtree wconfig f))
+ (setq wt (w-set-frame-size-and-scale-wtree wconfig frame))
(when (and wg-restore-position left top)
- (set-frame-position f left top))
+ (set-frame-position frame left top))
(when (and wg-morph-on after-init-time)
(wg-morph wt wg-morph-no-error))
(wg-restore-wtree wt)
(when wg-restore-scroll-bars
- (set-frame-parameter f 'vertical-scroll-bars sbars)
- (set-frame-parameter f 'scroll-bar-width sbwid)))))
+ (set-frame-parameter frame 'vertical-scroll-bars sbars)
+ (set-frame-parameter frame 'scroll-bar-width sbwid)))))
(defun wg-restore-blank-wconfig ()
"Restore a new blank wconfig in `selected-frame'."
@@ -1460,13 +1460,13 @@ Query to overwrite if a workgroup with the same name exists."
'completing-read) prompt choices args))
-(defun wg-read-workgroup-name (&optional noerror)
+(defun wg-read-workgroup (&optional noerror)
"Read a workgroup with `wg-completing-read'."
'name (wg-completing-read "Workgroup: " (wg-names))
-(defun wg-read-buffer ()
+(defun wg-read-buffer-name ()
"Read and return a buffer-name from `wg-buffer-list'."
(wg-completing-read "Workgroup buffers: " (wg-buffer-list)))
@@ -1510,7 +1510,7 @@ the minibuffer. If REVERSE is non-nil, `current-prefix-arg's
begavior is reversed."
(wg-list noerror)
(if (if reverse (not current-prefix-arg) current-prefix-arg)
- (wg-read-workgroup-name noerror)
+ (wg-read-workgroup noerror)
(wg-current-workgroup noerror)))
(defun wg-add-to-kill-ring (config)
@@ -1556,7 +1556,7 @@ current and previous workgroups."
"Switch to WORKGROUP.
BASE nil means restore WORKGROUP's working config.
BASE non-nil means restore WORKGROUP's base config."
- (interactive (list (wg-read-workgroup-name) current-prefix-arg))
+ (interactive (list (wg-read-workgroup) current-prefix-arg))
(wg-awhen (wg-current-workgroup t)
(when (eq it workgroup) (error "Already on: %s" (wg-name it)))
(wg-update-working-config it))
@@ -1815,7 +1815,7 @@ is non-nil, use `wg-file'. Otherwise read a filename."
(defun wg-get-by-buffer (buf)
"Switch to the first workgroup in which BUF is visible."
- (interactive (list (wg-read-buffer)))
+ (interactive (list (wg-read-buffer-name)))
(wg-aif (wg-find-buffer buf) (wg-switch-to-workgroup it)
(error "No workgroup contains %S" buf)))

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