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Experimental Branch Documentation

The experimental branch has lots of cool stuff. I have personally been running it for a while, and so far it seems stable enough. However, it really lacks documentation. Thus, Experimental Documentation.

Feature requests

Buffers filtered by workgroup

Is it an implementation issue or design decision that all buffers are visible in all workgroups? This package is great and really slick, and I really want to use it, but it has very limited use to me with all buffers visible all the time. I typically work on several projects, each containing a set of files. When I want to switch between projects, having the necessary files and just the necessary files loaded as buffers is more important to me than the organization and cursor position within those buffers. I used to use emacs desktops to achieve this, but every desktop-change-dir clears the window layout, and tried perspective.el, but couldn't find a way to save settings between sessions; is this use case better delegated to these other solutions?

wg-switch-to-previous-workgroup (2011-06-29)

First of all thank you. This package is a godsend beyond godsend for me. I was hoping that wg-switch-to-workgroup could offer the previous buffer as a default so that hitting "C-z v RET" would pop you to your previous buffer, analagous to how switch-to-buffer offers that as a default.

-- Terrence Brannon (metaperl@gmail.com and metaperl on github.com)

multiple frames

mtk: workgroups captures configurations of windows within one frame (within one X window). could you extend it to capture the configuration of more than one frame? i have a desktop with four physical displays joined into one large display via xinerama. i have 20 virtual desktops. instead of restoring a window configuration to a single farme, i'd like to restore a list of frames (size & location, including virtual desktop) and each frame's window configuration. from your comments about xterm, i'm guessing you run emacs on a pty, not as an X client?

tlh: I've considered it. I'd like it to be toggleable, though, as it seems just as many users wouldn't want other frames modified when switching workgroups. Thanks for the input -- I'll add it to the TODO.

mp: How hard would it be to have workgroups also record the fullscreen state? Not sure how to get that information from the system. ns-toggle-fullscreen calls an internal function.

automatic save on create or update

It would be convenient to have a flag that when set calls wg-save every time you create or update a workgroup.

a buffer to list all workgroups

I'm thinking about something similar to list-buffers or bookmark-bmenu-list where you can see a list of all the workgroups and select one, mark them for deletion, etc.

-- I would also like this (cpoile)

Evaluating elisp code after loading a workgroup

In Emacs you can set local variables for files so that some elisp code can be executed every time you load the file (e.g., change the value of some variable). I was wondering if a similar feature for workgroups would be interesting as well.

Ability to set/override default-directory for all buffers inside a workgroup

For project workgroups, it would be great to set a default-directory that would override the buffer specific default-directories for buffers within a particular workgroup.

Assign a workgroup a specific number

You may have 3 workgroups under the default shortcuts: C-0, C-1, C-2. This feature will allow you to add a forth workgroup to C-9. (cpoile)