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Experimental Branch Documentation

Most of the existing documentation for workgroups is still correct. This document is designed to discuss the new features and differences between the master and experimental branches.

The command C-z ? still works to find out more information and documentation about the tasks.


The expression:

(wg-load "/path/to/saved/workgroups")

Is no longer necessary, as experimental uses a default file in your emacs-user-directory. In fact, you will receive an error if you leave it in, as the function no longer exists.

Workgroup Buffer associations

Workgroups now have buffers associated with themselves.

Dealing With Filtered Buffers

C-x b will now show buffers based on filters. C-c p and C-c n from within the minibuffer will switch the filter, showing you the other buffers.

C-z + (or whatever your prefix key is) will add a buffer to the associated buffers for this workgroup.

A more familiar tactic may be to use C-x C-b to access buffers that are not associated with workgroups, and C-z + to add them.