Cloud Formation template and scripts for easily configuring and deploying a fast HPCC System on AWS from browser
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Configuring and deploying an HPCC System on AWS from linux is a three-step process when using the HPCC CloudFormation template, MyHPCCCloudFormationTemplate.json, and accompanying scripts found in this repository. Also, newly added (as of 2018/03/23) is another Cloudformation template MultiThorHPCCCloudFormationTemplate.json for multi-thor and/or multi-roxie clusters. It is used much like the 1st mentioned template except you put the contents of the folder, MultiThorAWSInstanceFiles, in an s3 bucket with your ssh pem file (step 2, below).

The three-step process is:

  1. Clone the github repository

  2. Copy the scripts in AWSInstanceFiles and your ssh pem file to an S3 bucket.

  3. Build a stack, using CloudFormation on the AWS console, that does the rest.

Click here to read the document that describes the process step-by-step (note. multi-thor cloudformation template is included).

Also, in this repository, you will find code and instructions for configuring a small instance that you can use to start and stop your cluster (so AWS costs are minimized). Look at the folder, StopStartHPCC. The README file there provides instructions for a) setting-up the instance and b) stopping/starting your cluster.