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# This script displays per-user progress, in the right column
$reported_progress_ids = array();
$sql = "SELECT * FROM progress ORDER BY id";
$result = runQuery($sql);
if (mysql_num_rows($result)) {
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
$reported_progress_ids[] = $row['id'];
$created = date("H:i:s", strtotime($row['created']));
echo "<div class=\"subunit level{$row['level']}\"><b>$created:</b> {$row['content']}</div>\n";
} else {
$created = date("H:i:s");
echo "<div class=\"subunit level0\"><b>$created:</b> Nothing to report this iteration.</div>\n";
$reported_progress_ids_sql = implode(',', $reported_progress_ids);
runQuery("DELETE FROM progress WHERE id IN ($reported_progress_ids_sql)");