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This wiki will be the place to go for documentation regarding the SleekMVC framework. It is currently under construction (and the framework itself is in early alpha stages) so please check back in a bit for updates.

The framework itself, like most PHP MVC frameworks, is techincally a "Model 2" framework, not an "MVC" framework. This means that a user's request is handled inside of a controller, which then dispatches work to a model. The model returns data to the controller, which then runs an appropriate view file. So, the model and views never talk to each other, and the controller passes user inputs into the model.

SleekMVC Diagram

The easiest way to figure out how to SleekMVC is to just download this sample application and start tweaking the code! Just make sure you don't edit anything inside of the system/ directory, or it will make upgrades impossible.

Early Steps

Core Concepts

  • Autoloading - Gone are the days of running include statements!
  • Models - Business logic and database access
  • Views - Generate HTML files to be sent to the client
  • Routing - Configures how URLs translate into Controllers and Actions
  • Controllers - The code which handles user requests and executes other code
  • Request - Contains user input, e.g. GET, POST, COOKIE, SERVER variables, and URL parameters
  • Response - Sends back content to the user, redirects, sets HTTP headers, writes COOKIE values.

Additional Classes

  • Caching - Prevent yourself from wasting CPU by doing a calculation once
  • Database - Handles all of the MySQL operations (only MySQL is supported for now)
  • Email - Create emails with an easy to use class
  • Sessions - Store user data in sessions
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