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@tliron tliron released this 05 Sep 18:40
· 2 commits to main since this release


  • a5359db Use more secure exturl library
  • 159c19b Make sure empty metadata compiles to map, not null
  • f6cd619 Serialize normal maps as empty lists, not nil
  • 241465c Initial support for WASI WASM
  • eab22da Upgrade dependencies
  • 8b17f08 Refactor: move normal package out of tosca
  • 162b14d Use go:embed for profiles
  • 848f5c7 Upgrade to Go 1.21
  • d30b33b Check for invalid name characters per grammar
  • 8b89513 Refactor: new tosca/parsing package
  • caf71be Improve some APIs
  • acaf940 Improve PGO builds
  • c618cf1 Upgrade dependencies
  • 97976eb Implement PGO builds