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Releases: tliron/turandot


21 Apr 18:26
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8f11735 Simplify some YAML parsing
f10e896 Do not install Reposure
0f6b204 Upgrade dependencies
bb70263 Readme improvements to avoid duplication
7800f8a Merge pull request #4 from pmjordan/revise_readme
757b8b4 correct helm deploy command, clarify readmes
3df952f Separate hello-world and self-contained examples
3291041 Improve save-portable-container-image
2370c5d Small fixes to documentation
531ef38 Add QUICKSTART
3cd3051 Remove atexit dependency
4ec3caa Dependency upgrades
41aba4c Use kutil logging


27 Jan 15:27
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5fea656 Upgrade dependencies
0876002 Upgrade dependencies
99389ed Fixes to deploy, register, and pull commands
759791d Upgrade dependencies
fe1d2b3 Move more code to Reposure
27270fb Some code cleanup
a714d98 First step in using Reposure for registries
23b03ff Fully support OpenShift built-in repository
e10bee4 More improvements to CRDs
d6fc993 Improvements to CRDs
49b0a14 More flexible repository model
0612c4d Many improvements to repository management
e62d267 Refactor to use inventory TLS secrets
3b30daf Begin work on inventory CRD support
8702f75 Move common code to Kutil library
d1a3c15 Fix update-attributes to deal with null values
e0d9e7c Code cleanup
6c83828 Update dependencies and switch to Go 1.15
45743c1 Dependency refresh


24 Jun 16:38
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78c898f Add "--context" switch for multi-cluster
b0c5645 Begin work on configuration of telephony network service
5b456c4 Support SSH executions
e805b2d Set node states automatically after execution
5a98b56 Include namespace in all service references
4ca351b Container execution: copy artifacts to destination
3b6f5e6 List service instances per service template
ddfcdbd Improve handling of mode changes and states
03e2018 Add modes and node states
abec593 Major improvements to execution processing
f929989 Implement Clout executions
ee643e2 Major refactoring
b042c8f Begin work on execution interfaces


23 May 04:56
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5791e05 Fully support Helm
e5ee719 Initial support for Helm
d499c40 Clout <-> Kubernetes resources via TOSCA metadata
feed8de Small cleanup


14 May 22:41
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d8cfa0a Experiment with updating attributes
c4ef857 Many improvements to instantiation
add2691 Add MariaDB profile
8eff9d5 Begin work on processing outputs
f045d77 Improvements to instantiation workers
37a3c46 Optimize URL downloads by sharing a context
0aaaba1 Code refactoring
7f17f23 Adjust tables to fit in terminal
e43d1d5 Initial commit