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title: "New year, new site"
author: Tamas Nagy
layout: post
tags: [blog, design]
image: blog_old_crop.png

Ever since my (now former) hosting provider,
[Greenqloud](, changed directions back last
September and shutdown its public cloud offering, my site has been in a
state of limbo. My lack of any posts for over a year didn't help the
matter either. So I did what any rational person would(n't) do. I yanked
the cord, brushed up on my Ruby and Liquid, and rebuilt the whole thing
from scratch.

That's what you are seeing right now. A new site for a new year. Is it any
better? Probably not. It's different though, I'll let you decide:

![One of the earliest versions. Had a nifty time-to-read indicator. Pretty
boring otherwise.](/assets/images/blog_really_old.png)

![Previous version. It was heavily inspired by Trevor Bedford's
[site]( Spot the

Best features of the new site? I really like that I now have the following

- A dedicated photos section. I like having everything self-hosted and in
one place.

- The about page has the version information for the software used to
build the site.

- Both the HTML and PDF versions of my CV are perfectly synced up thanks
to [Pandoc](

- The revision history of a post is extracted from git and shown under
each one. Why? Because I can.

I'm also changing the focus of content on this website. I intend to use it
as a running list of interesting software tweaks and solutions that I've
found useful and I want to keep track of. I would also like to have more
exploratory posts where I dive into interesting problems.

Most importantly, everyone's favorite hypotrochoid is still featured on
the site. New year, new site, same hypotrochoid.

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