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Akka 2.0 and the Actor Model

NB: This was a very hastily put together and, unfortunately, not entirely complete presentation I gave at PDXScala in July of 2012. It was largely an attempt to organize some thoughts in preparation for a later talk to be given to a functional programming group about actors and the actor model. Thankfully, the talk seemed to be well-received, in general, and started a pretty good amount of discussion. I plan to revise this presentation, add a few more concrete examples and find some future forum to make another pass at this.

NB, part deux: I only just figured out how to get syntax highighted code into Keynote the night before the talk, but I still couldn't get all the formatting to work correctly. Bear that in mind before judging me! ;~)

NB, the return: Also, yes, I am making excuses. Deal with it.

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