For use with CLI programs -- C binding for single key input without carriage return. Much like Turbo Pascals ReadKey() function. For use in a while loop.
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C binding for Go to read keystrokes one at a time and return it's ASCII value.

This package is for command-line applications when you may want to ask for a passwords and echo back asterisks or want a hotkey effect; Single key input without pressing Enter to continue. Use this in a for/while loop to build input strings, etc. etc. This function works much like Turbo Pascal's ReadKey() function does.


for {
	// Good for special keys: Arrows, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End.
	ch := keyboard.ReadKey()
	fmt.Printf("[%d][%c]\n", ch, ch);	
for {
	// Use this if you want results untoched
	// You will have to process/parse special keys on your own.
	ch := keyboard.RawKey()
	fmt.Printf("[%d][%c]\n", ch, ch);	

I've put this out here to share. Do what you like. Maybe someone is/was having the same problem with reading keycodes as I was.