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A simple HTTP redirection plugin for WordPress.
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=== Safe Redirect Manager ===
Contributors: tlovett1, tollmanz, taylorde, 10up, jakemgold, danielbachhuber, VentureBeat
Tags: http redirects, redirect manager, url redirection, safe http redirection, multisite redirects
Requires at least: 3.1
Tested up to: 3.8
Stable tag: 1.7.1

Safely and easily manage your website's HTTP redirects.

== Description ==

Safe Redirect Manager is a HTTP redirect manager for WordPress. An easy-to-use UI allows you to redirect locations to new URL's with the HTTP status codes of your choosing. The plugin uses the wp_safe_redirect function which only allows redirects to whitelisted hosts for security purposes. The plugin automatically handles whitelisting hosts for you. This plugin works great with Multisite.

[Fork the plugin on GitHub.](

== Installation ==

Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

== Screenshots ==

1. This view shows all your redirects. You can filter them by date or even search through them.
2. This is the edit redirect page. Specify a "from" path, "to" path/URL, and a status code. You can schedule redirects for later dates just like posts.

== Changelog ==

= 1.7.2 (??? ?? ????) =
* Bug fix: Don't perform redirects in the admin. Props [joshbetz](

= 1.7.1 (Dec. 12, 2013) =
* Add 307 redirect status code. Thanks [lgedeon](
* Plugin textdomain should be loaded on init
* Add status code labels to creation dropdown. Thanks Chancey Mathews

= 1.7 (Apr. 6, 2013) =
* Return redirect_from on get_permalink. Thanks [simonwheatley](
* Allow for regex replacement in from/to redirects
* Add Slovak translation. Thanks [Branco Radenovich](
* Notice fixed in filter_admin_title

= 1.6 (Dec. 11, 2012) =
* Bulk delete redirects from the Manage Redirects screen
* wp-cli coverage including subcommands for creating, deleting, and listing redirects, and importing .htaccess files

= 1.5 (Nov. 7 2012) =
* Regular expressions allowed in redirects
* New filter 'srm_registered_redirects' allows you to conditionally unset redirects based on context, user permissions, etc. Thanks [jtsternberg]( for the pull request.

= 1.4.2 (Oct. 17, 2012) =
* Disable redirect loop checking by default. You can filter srm_check_for_possible_redirect_loops to enable it.
* Only return published redirects in update_redirect_cache. - bug fix

= 1.4.1 (Oct. 11, 2012) =
* Refresh cache after create_redirect call - bug fix
* Refresh cache after save_post is called - bug fix
* Chop off "pre-WP" path from requested path. This allows the plugin to work on WP installations in sub-directories - bug fix

= 1.4 (Oct. 9, 2012) =
* Use the '*' wildcard at the end of your match value to configure a wildcard redirect. Use the same symbol at the end of your redirect to value in order to have the matched value be appended to the end of the redirect. Thanks [prettyboymp]( for the pull request
* Change default request-matching behavior to be case-insensitive. This can be modified using the 'srm_case_insensitive_redirects' filter.
* Include an informational 'X-Safe-Redirect-Manager' header when a redirect occurs. Thanks [simonwheatley]( for the pull request

= 1.3 =
* safe-redirect-manager.php - Globalize SRM class for use in themes/plugins/scripts. Added create_redirect method to make importing easier.

= 1.2 =
*   safe-redirect-manager.php - manage_options capabilitiy required to use redirect manager, remove checkbox column, hide view switcher, fix search feature, hide privacy stuff for bulk edit

= 1.1 =
*   safe-redirect-manager.php - plugin_url() used properly, is_plugin_page function

= 1.0 =
*   Plugin released
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