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Serving the css file using the 'raw' option serves the file with a mime-type of text/plain. This makes the css file fail to work in Firefox and other browsers. By making use of Github pages, the CSS file can be served with the correct mime-type, making the bookmarklet work in more browsers.

By simply making a gh-pages branch, Github pages will automatically be set up for you, with no more effort needed:

git clone
git checkout -b gh-pages
git push origin gh-pages

Then, evil.css can be found at with the correct mine-type. Just keep master and gh-pages in sync, and Github will do the rest.

You can additionally make an index.html file to act as a landing page, where you can add the bookmarklet as an anchor for people to bookmark, but this step is completely optional.


I can confirm that the demo bookmarklet code no longer works. There is an explanation of browser behaviour when a stylesheet link element points to a file whose type is not text/css in the section of the W3 HTML5 semantics working draft about the link element:

[The browser] would then check the actual types returned by the server. For those that are sent as text/css, it would apply the styles, but for those labeled as text/plain, or any other type, it would not.

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