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A servlet for running JSGI / Jack compatible server-side JavaScript applications and frameworks on Google AppEngine for Java or other servlet containers
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Jack Servlet


AppEngine Instructions

  1. tusk install jack jack-servlet appengine-java-sdk to install the necessary dependencies.
  2. jack-servlet-init in the directory containing your "jackconfig.js" (note: there must not be an existing Jakefile in this directory).
  3. jake runserver to run locally or jack update to deploy to AppEngine.

Other Servlet Container Instructions

Coming soon.


  • You can change the default modules path, module name, application name, environment name using the "modulesPath", "module", "app", and "environment" init-params in web.xml, i.e.:

    jack org.jackjs.JackServlet modulesPath WEB-INF module jackconfig.js app app environment production

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