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Available Packages

You can download and install packages using the tusk application that comes with Narwhal. Check out tusk help for details. These are some of the packages:

  • activejs: The Cross Platform JavaScript MVC,
  • appengine: A port of the Python Google App Engine SDK to JavaScript
  • appengine-java-sdk: Java components necessary for deploying applications on Google's App Engine.
  • barista: An automated user interface testing framework.
  • bogart: A simple web framework
  • browserjs: A simulated web browser environment, includes XMLHttpRequest, timeouts, console, a DOM, etc
  • cappruby: Experimental Ruby implementation on top of the Objective-J runtime / JavaScript
  • cappuccino: Cappuccino module
  • CappuccinoResource: Cappuccino on Rails
  • chiron: A system of interoperable JavaScript modules, including a Pythonic type system and types
  • closure-compiler: Closure Compiler
  • coffee-script: Unfancy JavaScript
  • commonjs-utils
  • couchdb: API to access CouchDB servers, a schema-free database of JSON documents
  • creolejs: A JavaScript implementation of the CreoleWiki language, for browsers.
  • ejs: Embedded JavaScript templating framework
  • env
  • haml-js: Haml ported to server-side Javascript. This is a traditional server-side templating language.
  • htmlparser: An HTML parser
  • inspec: BDD test framwork inspired by rspec
  • jack
  • jack-dav: A JSGI compatible WebDAV server, based on RackDAV
  • jack-servlet: A Java servlet for running JSGI applications
  • jake: A build system for CommonJS, lifted from Rake
  • jaml: A library of JSGI middleware, handlers, and utilities, based on Rack
  • jdbc
  • jscrypto: Fast symmetric cryptography in Javascript
  • jsdocs: JavaScript documentation generator. Tool for generating template-formatted, multi-page HTML (or XML, JSON, or any other text-based) documentation from commented JavaScript source code.
  • json-rpc: An implementation of JSON-RPC for CommonJS, include a JSGI appliance
  • json-template: Minimal but powerful templating language implemented in multiple languages.
  • jsont: JSON transforms, akin to XSLT but for JSON:
  • kupo
  • markdown: A port of markdown to JavaScript
  • mustache: {{mustaches}} in JavaScript — shameless port from @defunkt
  • mysql-jdbc
  • narcissus: JavaScript implemented in JavaScript
  • narwhal: A general purpose JavaScript platform
  • narwhal-jaxer
  • narwhal-johnson: Johnson (Ruby-JavaScript bridge, using SpiderMonkey) engine support for Narwhal
  • narwhal-jsc: JavaScriptCore engine support for Narwhal
  • narwhal-moar-monkeys
  • narwhal-v8: V8 engine support for Narwhal
  • narwhal-v8cgi: v8cgi engine support for Narwhal
  • narwhal-xulrunner: XULRunner engine support for Narwhal
  • nitro: A Web Application Framework
  • normal-template: A simple, powerful and safe templating engine
  • oauth: OAuth Library
  • objective-j: Objective-J and Cappuccino module
  • observable: JavaScript framework for Observable mixins with plugin support
  • ojmoq: A mocking library for Objective-J that is inspired by the Moq project.
  • ojunit: A simple Objective-J unit test framework.
  • ometa-highlighter: Code highlighter based on Ometa/JS (little inspired by Pygments)
  • ometajs: A object-oriented language for pattern matching
  • parenscript: Parenscript is a small Lispy language that compiles to JavaScript. This is the Narwhal module that integrates ParenScript with Narwhal.
  • prototype: Prototype is a JavaScript Framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications. This package implements a subset of Prototype
  • qunit: An easy-to-use JavaScript Unit Testing framework.
  • qxoo
  • reform: A Narwhal module for working with HTML forms, similar to Django's forms.
  • seethrough: Seethrough is a simple XML/XHTML template engine for JavaScript based on E4X. It’s a port of a former project for Erlang.
  • shmakowiki: Yet another wiki dialect, inspired by WackoWiki and WikiCreole
  • shrinksafe: ShrinkSafe
  • silk: A comprehensive set of 16x16px icons.
  • sizzle: A sizzlin' hot selector engine
  • speller: A JavaScript spell-checker
  • sqlite-jdbc
  • syntax-stroop: A syntax highlighter based on Google-code-prettify.
  • template: A simple templating engine
  • underscore: Functional programming aid for JavaScript. Works well with jQuery.
  • wiky: A bidirectional Wiki markup to and from HTML converter written in JavaScript.
  • xbin: A suite of Unix command line tools for enlightened pipelines.
  • yuicompressor: YUI Compressor
  • zipjs: An implementation of zip for JavaScript