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tusk completely broken on windows #106

gredler opened this Issue November 27, 2010 · 0 comments

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Daniel Gredler
Daniel Gredler

I'm experimenting with a full-JavaScript stack for a project, and was thinking about using JavaScript for my build script after reading [1]. I followed the Narwhal installation instructions, but when I got to the point where I needed to run "tusk install jake", I got the following error:

Error: require error: couldn't find "narwhal/tusk"

After digging around a bit I changed the following line in bin/tusk.cmd:

call "%HERE%narwhal.cmd" -m "narwhal/tusk" tusk %*

To the following:

call "%HERE%narwhal.cmd" -m "tusk" tusk %*

This seemed to get things running, but then the process died with this error message:

JavaException: CreateProcess: ln -s C:...\narwhal-0.3.2\packages\jake\bin\jake C:\java\websocket-test\js\lib\narwhal-0.3.2\bin\jake error=2

It looks like the symlink function in engines/rhino/lib/file-engine.js doesn't have a Windows code path. At this point my choices were to upgrade to Windows 7 and hack Narwhal to use mklink (I'm on XP right now), or download and install the Windows Resource Kit [2] and hack Narwhal to use linkd, or maybe just use an alternate Narwhal engine. The documentation says that the Rhino engine (which is causing the trouble) is the most complete, and I really don't want to start installing random Microsoft packages, so I guess I'm just SOL :-/



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