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Very simple Objective-J RPC

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An incredibly basic RPC mechanism for Objective-J in the browser to Objective-J on the server (via Jack:


    - Cappuccino Tools installed (
    - "Jack" library (
    - "Simple" jar in your CLASSPATH (


    To run the example, place the a copy or symlink of the "jack" library and the Cappuccino "Frameworks" directory in the "example" directory (or run "steam create-frameworks"). Start the server by running "objj server.js" from inside "example", then navigate to "http://localhost:8080/index.html". The client will ask the RPC server to capitalize "bar", then it will alert the result.

    Arguments and return values must implement the CPCoding protocol (includes built-in toll free bridged types like String, Number, Boolean, Array, and Date, but NOT Object);

Example Server:

    @implementation Capitalizer : CPObject

    - (CPString)caps:(CPString)aString
        return aString.toUpperCase();


    capitalizer = [[Capitalizer alloc] init];

    app = [OJRPCServer serverForObject:capitalizer];
Example Client:

    var capitalizer = [OJRPCClient objectWithURL:"/capitalizer"];

    alert([capitalizer caps:"bar"]); // should alert "BAR"
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