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The changes for rxvt-unicode are summarized in the file ../Changes.
2.7.10 to 2.7.11
Geoff Wing <> et al.
fixed handling of cursor colour when reverse colour is displayed
fixed utmp writing if we have ttyslot
fixed compile when --with-encoding=kr
added hiding of mouse pointer while the user is typing or from
mouse inactivity, with configure --enable-pointer-blank,
resource pointerBlank (default: false) and
resource pointerBlankDelay (default: 2 seconds)
added "-bc" blinking cursor, configure --enable-cursor-blink
Glyn Kennington <glyn_k@sourceforge>
added feature ACS_ASCII which converts ACS line drawing characters
to similar ASCII characters, resource acsChars
Rob McMullen <>
added selection scrolling - scrolling viewpoint when making a
selection and going past top/bottom of window, with
configure --enable-selectionscrolling
Chris Wareham <>
added rconf utility for rclock appointment configuration
2.7.9 to 2.7.10
Geoff Wing <> et al.
removed screen dump feature as it can aid as a security hole
removed menubar escape sequence access as it can aid a security hole
removed reporting of title and icon settings as they can aid a security
Mikko Leppänen <>
fixed clearing problem when internalBorder is zero
Steve O <>
added Cygwin port
Rob McMullen <>
fixed handling of control characters inside escape sequences
added resource "mouseWheelScrollPage" to allow the mouse wheel
scroll a page full
added support for VT52 commands
2.7.8 to 2.7.9
Geoff Wing <> et al.
added -sbt/--thickness to allow user-supplied scrollbar width (not
yet available with NeXT style scrollbars)
Matthew W. Roberts <>
fixed rclock -iconic option
added rclock day of month on clockface (define DATE_ON_CLOCK_FACE
in feature.h)
added rclock "-mailspawn cmd" if MAIL_SPAWN is not hard coded in
Kazutoshi Kubota <>
added 256 colour mode (instead of the base 16 colour mode) with
configure --enable-256-color
2.7.7 to 2.7.8
Geoff Wing <> et al.
fixed determination of NumLock key, noticed by
Matthew Gabeler-Lee <>
fixed continual and slipwheel scrolling, noticed by
Joshua Swink
fixed connecting with IM whenever it is started, partly from
Tung-Han Hsieh <>
fixed Ultrix acquiring useful pty/tty pair, noticed by
Bert De Knuydt <>
fixed CSI sequence parser overriding a 0 parameter with default value
changed -ip to not clear ancestor windows when using inherit pixmap
transparency type
added -ipf/--inheritPixmapforce to clear ancestor windows when -ip
and inherit pixmap transparency is used
added "-hc colour" (define OPTION_HC in feature.h) to provide
background highlighting of selection, partly from
Christian W. Zuckschwerdt <>
added -j/--jumpScroll to provide jump or smooth scrolling, defaults to
jump scrolling as per previous behaviour
Stephen Isard <>
fixed DECSTBM sequence default when only one parameter is given
Rudolf Jaksa <>
added basic support for $XAPPLRESDIR/Rxvt resources
T. Alexander Popiel <>
added --scrollBar_align (top|bottom|...) for alignment of scrollbar
thumb with middle button. Defaults to centre as per prior
2.7.6 to 2.7.7
Geoff Wing <> et al.
fixed check for GLIBC and STREAMS pty/tty types, noticed by
Venkatesh Krishnamurthi <>
fixed check for PTC pty/tty type, noticed by
Andreas Bierfert <>
fixed to not automatically clear selection on screen size change,
noticed by Dominik Vogt <>
fixed a possible buffer overflow problem, noticed by
Samuel Dralet <>
fixed to reallow parallel builds
fixed builds for some SYSV utmp/utmpx systems
fixed INCR transfers
fixed resource "greektoggle_key" as per doc/README.greek, noticed by
Martin Husemann <>
fixed STREAMS again, hopefully the last time
changed overstrike pixel dropping avoidance to speed/size optimise
changed define WTMP_ONLY_ON_LOGIN in feature.h to be the default
added CSI s & CSI u as alternative save & restore cursor sequences
added pasting-only support for SECONDARY and CLIPBOARD selections,
automatically tried if internal selection and PRIMARY
selections are not present. CUT_BUFFER0 is tried last
Kazutoshi Kubota <>
added "-lsp <num>" option ("--lineSpace <num>") to give specified
spacing between rows with configure --enable-linespace
Tomohiro KUBOTA <>
fixed some font default calculations to match previous behaviour
Ali Rahimi <ali@MIT.EDU>
added slip wheel support providing continual scrolling with the
control key depressed and using the mouse wheel as an
accelerator. Control key release stops scrolling
Mark Schreiber <>
added -sw/--scrollWithBuffer to try to make views into the
scrollback buffer stay unmoving upon new lines (needs -si)
2.7.5 to 2.7.6
Geoff Wing <> et al.
fixed build with XTERM_COLOR_CHANGE undefined, noticed by
John Waggenspack <>
fixed build for Solaris/SunOS (maybe others) using STREAMS
fixed default icon name, noticed by
Jeremy C. Reed <>
fixed setting of icon name with -e argument, noticed by
John Waggenspack <>
fixed problems with selection by changing some types and type casting
fixed some parallel build problems
fixed text placement in graphics mode
fixed some build problems with graphics/qplot
fixed reverse video mode to act like the invocation option
fixed query of locale ("Setting locale failed.") when locale is set
fixed autowrap bug when restoring cursor from last column, noticed by
fixed build & run when PREFER_24BIT is undefined
fixed loading of fonts with noenc multichar encoding, noticed by
Mark White <>
fixed an abort on sending some selections, from
Xianping Ge <>
fixed tty opening for systems with openpty(), e.g. OSF1
fixed build for utmpx/wtmpx platforms
fixed a bug in memmove() if --enable-strings is given, noticed by
Larry W. Virden <>
fixed some termcap/terminfo entries
fixed some division operations to use the same integer type
changed configure detection method for pty/ttys
changed handling of ConfigureNotify events for fast event streams
changed internal handling of window size calculation
changed internal handling of window size and placement manipulation
changed define PREFER_24BIT in feature.h to be set via
configure --enable-24bit (default is now off)
changed screen refresh to optimise X calls more, noticeable with
slower machines or over network displays
changed pty/tty code to be able to be built separately for testing
changed selection sending to send the original raw form if locale
conversion fails
updated libtool for configure
added DEC private modes 1047 / 1048 (no ti/te handling yet)
from Marius Gedminas <>
added "tests" target in main directory to build and run basic tests
added (frills) -tcw (--tripleclickwords) alternative triple click
selection which selects words to the end of possibly-wrapped
lines with trailing blanks and blank lines removed
Chuan-kai Lin <> and Brian Mays <>
added -mcc option (--multibyte_cursor) for multibyte cursor movement
in legacy programs
Maxime Froment <>
fixed placement with OverTheSpot input method
fixed characters sent through IM being truncated to 4 bytes
fixed encoding method being overridden by default encoding method
added loading of locale specific app-defaults from directory
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/$LC_CTYPE/app-defaults/Rxvt (see
Tomohiro KUBOTA <>
added method to provide base font sets based on user's locale
added more flexible font allocation, specifying a maximum number of
fonts in feature.h instead of a set number
Marius Gedminas <>
added --enable-smart-resize which may reposition the window on
resizing so that we try to stay within the screen boundaries
2.7.3 to 2.7.5
Geoff Wing <> et al.
fixed scrollTtyKeypress not active for all keypresses, noticed by
Reuben Thomas <>
added -xrm option to accept dummy invocation arguments, from
Christian W. Zuckschwerdt <>
& Chris Green <>
fixed documentation for options: -tr, -ic, -pt, -im, -mod, -xrm;
and resources: scrollBar_right, scrollBar_floating,
scrollTtyOutput, scrollTtyKeypress, preeditType, inputMethod,
fixed OSC sequences to accept 7 and 8 bit ST as well as BEL
added MAX_COLS & MAX_ROWS in feature.h to limit columns/rows on resize
added copy root pixmap variant of transparency - make this the default
with previous method as fallback
fixed allocation of new lines to not set base attributes, including
underline or reverse video information, noticed by
Brian Mays <>
added ability for different scrollbars to be compiled in, determined
by --scrollstyle
fixed Meta key detection - has priority over Alt, noticed by
Paul D. Smith <>
fixed configure check for mawk/gawk/nawk/awk
added use of libtool in build procedure
added SCROLL_ON_NO_SECONDARY to feature.h to scroll the screen when no
swap is compiled in and a change screen request is made
removed slightly buggy ConfigureNotify queue/ignore from our resizes
fixed use of extended character classes, from
Samoylov Olleg <>
fixed timeout in select() call when unmapped, noticed by
Tore Bjorkeli <>
added support for XCopyArea() on screen display - good for slower links
fixed CSI parameter parsing, including omitted parameters
fixed allocation of new lines when in reverse video mode
added answerbackString resource which sets the reply to ENQ (CTRL-E)
fixed InheritPixmap interaction with fvwm2 by delaying a bit to allow
the WM to do its stuff before we meddle with its windows
Thomas Woerner <>
added colorRV resource for reverse video colour (dependent on
Jun Morimoto <>
fixed argument checking in rclock - ignore bad arguments
Matthew W. Roberts <>
added -mailfile option to rclock
Christian W. Zuckschwerdt <>
added OSC sequences to change base colours; also cursor, highlight,
bold, pointer and underline colours. See rxvtRef
Paul Sheer <>
added initial INCR (incremental pasting) support
2.7.2 to 2.7.3
Geoff Wing <>
fixed clean up (utmp/wtmp/etc.) on fatal signal, noticed by
Jim Diamond <>
added use of configure options --program-prefix, --program-suffix &
--program-transform-name, allowing, say, Kanji users to do
--program-transform-name='s,rxvt,kxvt,;' for installing
changed configure --with-encoding value "euckr" to "kr" to match
multichar_encoding option and resource values
added configure --with-encoding value "noenc" (and multichar_encoding
option and resource values) to disable encoding allowing
normal eight bit characters in multichar compile
fixed -si/+si option, noticed by
Thomas Lofgren <>
fixed detection of struct utmpx, noticed by
Paul 'TBBle' Hampson <Paul.Hampson@Pobox.Com>
added basic support for openpty() which should help with people on
Alpha platform using Tru64/<insert new OS name here>
Jun Morimoto <>
added basic argument checking for rclock to detect missing arguments
Tung-Han Hsieh <>
fixed configure notify bypass checking for self window configurations
fixed fontset creation to match sizes properly and recreate fontset
on size change
Chih-Wei Huang <>
added fontset (locale dependent) menubars
added example Big5 menu
Hans de Goede <>
added colour determination for low colour (4 to 8 bit) displays
2.7.1 to 2.7.2
Geoff Wing <>
fixed screen refresh output to handle more cases
changed resource storage to a struct rather than a char* arrary,
to aid debugging
changed how ptys/ttys are opened (again)
fixed processing of some resources to strip double-quotes when using
XGetDefaults() and also for backspace_key/delete_key
fixed large paste problem, noticed by
Dominik Vogt <>
fixed utmp removal problem for SYSV style utmps
changed BORDERWIDTH in feature.h to EXTERNALBORDERWIDTH to clarify
its usage.
added (frills) resources "internalBorder" (-b) and
"externalBorder" (-w)(-bw)(-borderwidth)
added NO_BELL to feature.h to allow disabling all bell indications
D J Hawkey Jr <>
added QNX support
added logging into lastlog in login shells (-ls option)
Oskar Liljeblad <>
added SCROLL_ON_UPDOWN_KEYS to feature.h to allow scrolling via
(shift|meta|ctrl) modifier and up/down keys, default off
for backward (2.6.x) compatibility
2.7.0 to 2.7.1
Geoff Wing <>
cleaned up CSI processing slightly
fixed clearing of pixel droppings on right side of cell
added clearing of pixel droppings for fonts which exceed the left side
of their cells, noticed by J Scott Berg <>
changed --disable-memset to --enable-strings and not enable by default
added LOCAL_X_IS_UNIX to feature.h to work-around Irix problem, opens
unix:0.0 instead of :0 or :0.0
fixed some configure errors
changed how ptys/ttys are opened and which is opened by parent or child
added delay to screen refresh when receiving a fast stream of X events
Jim Knoble <>
fixed scrollbar slider jitter
added named constants for scrollbar calculations
MANTANI Nobutaka <>
changed interaction with XIM server to fix several problems
2.6.? to 2.7.0
Geoff Wing <>
added OSC escape sequence #55 to dump scrollback/screen to a file
SEO Young-Jin <>
fixed XGetDefaults() to use standard files (and then some)
2.6.0 to 2.6.1
Geoff Wing <>
fixed setting of tty permission/ownership with grantpt(). ie. don't
fixed configuration for some systems
changed a timeout to previous setting giving smoother scrolling.
fixed reversed --scrollTtyOutput (noticed (this time) by
Thomas Lofgren <>)
fixed offset for writing into BSD utmp file
added seperate cursor save/restore information for secondary screen
fixed CSI cursor movement
fixed typos causing compile failure - reported by various
Mike Hopkirk (Hops) <hops@sco.COM>
fixed SB_BORDER scrollbar delineator
2.6.PRE3 to 2.6.0
Geoff Wing <> et al.
fixed configuration for many systems
Ha Shao <>
added support for ZH_CN (GB2312) fonts and encoding.
2.6.PRE2 to 2.6.PRE3
Geoff Wing <>
fixed several OOB memory accesses and leaks (mostly found by
Rob Somerville <>)
added shift up/down arrows a la shift prior/next
Vaughn Cato <>
fixed jerky selection for some people (esp. Linux)
Peter H. Chou <pchou@leland.Stanford.EDU>
fixed floating scrollbar (trough) to not affect NeXT scrollbar
MANTANI Nobutaka <>
fixed two problems on X Input Method: 1) Can't display preedit area
in "OverTheSpot" input style with some input methods.
2) The location of preedit area in "OffTheSpot" input style
is wrong.
Yasuda Tsutomu <>
fixed some multichar set (Kanji) selection
added better selection request type conversion
2.6.PRE1 to 2.6.PRE2
Geoff Wing <>
fixed declaration position for COLORFGBG env var - really fixed this
time (noticed by Rob Somerville <>)
fixed transparent term reparenting/configure issues
fixed some documentation (noticed by
Richard Browne <>)
MANTANI Nobutaka <>
added XIM (X Input Method) enhancements
added input of multibyte characters with XIM (X Input Method)
enhancements via input styles "OverTheSpot",
"OffTheSpot" and "Root"
added configure option --enable-xim
added resources "inputMethod" (-im), "preeditType" (-pt)
changed configure to search for libxpg4, needed for FreeBSD's
2.4.10 to 2.6.PRE1
Geoff Wing <>
fixed scrollbar slider drawing to have a minimum size (noticed by
Brian Korver <>)
fixed backward #ifdef's on JUMP_MOUSE_WHEEL
fixed coredump on paste after terminal reset
fixed bad marking on selection with old selection (noticed by
Paul Slootman <>)
fixed bad cursor colour setting (noticed by
Louis-David Mitterrand <>)
fixed octal recognition from strings (hopefully no-one noticed)
fixed proto generation awk script (noticed by
Paul D. Smith <psmith@BayNetworks.COM>)
changed distribution to include protos, for bad systems
added configure check for XPointer (needed for SunOS; comments by
Moritz Barsnick <>)
fixed export of COLORFGBG (noticed by
Moritz Barsnick <>)
Alfredo K. Kojima <>
changed NEXT_SCROLLBAR code to produce real NEXTSTEP scrollers
added inheritPixmap support - terminal window uses parent pixmap
Sasha Vasko <>
fixed handling of background change via property _XROOTPMAP_ID
2.4.9 to 2.4.10
Geoff Wing <>
fixed screen refreshing - significant reduction of XDrawString() et al
calls in many cases leading to large speed increase,
especially for remote X clients
fixed source code const stuff
fixed DISPLAY_IS_IP feature
changed window creation, menubar reading, etc. order and removed one of
my earlier hacks
changed configure to be less extreme about X libs
2.4.8 to 2.4.9
Geoff Wing <>
changed screen allocation to be safer
added several xterm style window operations and reports DEC style
escape sequences
fixed handling of some DEC style escape sequences
fixed menubar display
fixed outline cursor removal
fixed clear selection when writing within a selection
added resources to handle backspace and delete
changed source code organisation again - also be nicer when making
in a different directory
added probe of ModifierMapping for Meta/Alt and NumLock keys
removed resource to set Meta/Alt key
added support to allow compilation of both old and new selection
changed internals - allocate rs_* as rs[Rs_*]
Stanislav Meduna <>
fixed checking of Xsetlocale(), setlocale() in configure
2.4.7 to 2.4.8
Geoff Wing <>
fixed XPM handling of position in geometry
changed XPM tiling to have the X server tile in the basic case
moved several configuration options from feature.h to configure
fixed introduced pixel dropping bug when RS_DIRTY was removed
added `troughColor' resource - the original patch written by
Reid D Rivenburgh (noted below) was lost and never added
fixed border pixel colour - if not set, use foreground not background
fixed handling of cursorColor/cursorColor/colorBD/colorUL to always
use the _current_ fg/bg colours appropriately if unset
changed source code organisation - moved some things into screen.h -
to allow other add-ons to access screen structures without
including all of rxvt.h
changed internals - ripped out RS_Cursor/RS_Select to make basic
multichar sets (not Kanji/Big5) always enabled - thus handle
selection and cursor display differently
fixed bug on scroll lines affecting selection
changed rmemset to use a type which is the same size as an (int *) -
based on comments by Paul Slootman <>
fixed pointer colour change on default fg colour change
changed handling of backspace/delete keys - if not disabled during
./configure then settable via resources - defaults similar
to previous
2.4.6 to 2.4.7
Geoff Wing <>
moved several configuration options from feature.h to configure
added configure option to use system memset()
added support for no multichar sets to allow 2 byte rendition type
changed rmemset for slightly more optimised execution
changed source code organisation slightly
Guillaume Laurent <>
added Meta modifier selectable via resource ``modifier''
John E. Davis <>
added print mode to accept ESC sequence variation
2.4.5 to 2.4.6
Geoff Wing <>
merged support for Big5 & Kanji.
changed short option: fk --> fm
changed long options: kfont/cfont --> mfont
changed long option: kanji_encoding --> multichar_encoding
changed font list in feature.h - user define list of fonts
fixed configure check for Xlocale()
added configure option --enable-dmalloc (Gray Watson's malloc)
added configure option --enable-dlmalloc (Doug Lea's malloc)
added support for Cygnus Solution's GNU-Win32 extensions (b18 tested)
fixed utmp/wtmp handling on machines with updwtmpx()
added support for old rxvt style selection - OLD_SELECTION
changed define of struct screen_t to rxvt.h
changed internal handling of bold overstrike pixel dropping - prescan
changed internal handling of selection mechanism to properly support
multiple methods - and optimized
changed internal handling of selection sync'ing - and optimized
added assert()s via DEBUG_STRICT define to catch some possible bugs
fixed scrollbar colour on mono displays
changed privilege revocation to before we do anything
fixed selection clearing when across the screen boundary and we swap
fixed resize / screen refresh order when changing scrollbar display
fixed font handling when we're given per_char of NULL
changed internal handling of row width - maximum line length is now
bound by a short - not enforced
changed rxvt.1 and refer.html to yodl source
Bruce Stephens <>
added support for buttons 4 and 5 (eg. on a mouse with wheel) to
scroll screen
Frank Chen Hsiung Chan <>
fixed clash of use of BIG5 as define and enum. Also typo fix.
John Eikenberry <>
added window_group use to window manager properties
added NeXT scrollbar style - group up and down buttons together
Denis N. Antonioli <>
fixed setting of application icon name and title
Adam Spiers <>
fixed enumeration of *.keysym.* in resources
2.4.4 to 2.4.5 *_Official Release_*
Geoff Wing <>
changed the approach at the Boldoverstrike-Pixeldroppings front
temporarily fixed a bug in the exposure handling
added the --enable-ttygid
Oezguer Kesim <>
switched rxvt licence to GPL
changed copyrights of the modules
fixed the terminfo/termcap entries
Mark Olesen <>
FINALLY added Double-Click mouse reporting. Uses the upper bits
of the Button character for X11 reporting so should cause no
compatibility problems.
* State = (<b> - SPACE) & 60
4 = Shift
8 = Meta
16 = Control
32 = Double Click (Rxvt extension)
NOTE: no Release is reported after a double-click and the
Release for the first click of a double-click is not reported.
This also means the Release event of a very fast click/release
won't be reported.
2.4.3 to 2.4.4
Geoff Wing <>
fixed a bug in the selection mechanism
Oezguer Kesim <>
fixed the fontchange-windowresize-racecondition-bug (thanks Geoff!)
fixed the broken console-support under solaris
added a new terminfo entry for rxvt, based on the one which comes
with ncurses (thanks Larry!)
some changes on aclocal.m4 and configure
removed the XTERM_COLOR_TERM option from feature.h - use
--with-term=NAME instead
updated the man-page
Kikutani Makoto <>
fixed a bug when copy&paste with kanji
Paul D. Smith <psmith@BayNetworks.COM>
fixed a bug which prevented rxvt to compile when configured with
2.4.2 to 2.4.3
Geoff Wing <>
fixed a bug in scrolling lots of text
more work on avoiding the pixel droppings
further cleanups
Oezguer Kesim <>
some changes on the configure script
Frank Chen Hsiung Chan <>
added experimental big5 support
Reid D Rivenburgh <>
added the "troughColor" resource
Mike Hopkirk (Hops) <hops@sco.COM>
added support of SCO OSr5 pty naming (also UW SysVr5)
correction of pty hang with large paste buffer
(happens on on all tested platforms)
fixed Weird default scroll thumb behaviour
fixed incorrect setting of WM_COMMAND if specified with -e switch
fixed # of lines of context between screen pages (Shift-Prior/Next)
Visual delineation of Scrollbar and vt wdw with dark internal border
2.4.1 to 2.4.2
Geoff Wing <>
new anti-bold-overstrike-pixel-dropping (plan 3)
Oezguer Kesim <>
fixed a bug which caused rxvt to dump core after resizing and
2.4.0 to 2.4.1
Geoff Wing <>
added --with-xpm-{include,library} to autoconf/a4local.m4
added VERYBOLD feature
fixed some misspelling in autoconf/
added `DEC private modes' 1010 and 1011 for scroll-to-bottom on
TTY output inhibit and scroll-to-bottom on keypress
together with resources and switches
fixed Bold Overstrike Pixel Dropping (Yes Sir!)
fixed a bug in scr_E()
fixed ^[[*J behaviour - clear to end, clear to beginning, clear
whole screen was broken
Oezguer Kesim <>
removed DONT_GUESS_BACKSPACE. Instead, you may define either
FORCE_BACKSPACE or FORCE_DELETE or leave both undefined
in order to get ^H, ^? or the current stty settings for
fixed positioning of text in the top menubar.
fixed some missing #define's
fixed conditions for MONO_BOLD in scr_refresh() to make
Christoph L. Spiel <>
fixed usage of KEYSYM_RESOURCE only when NO_RESOURCES is
*not* defined
Paul Slootman <>
added a few XK_KP_* ifdef's in order to get rxvt work with X11R4
Major changes from 2.21b* to 2.4.0
Geoff Wing <>
screen.c rewritten with changes including:
internal management of screen lines changed
rmemset() used as a fast memset() replacement
selection now the same as XTerm selection
several Kanji display fixes
Kanji properly selectable for EUC JP encoding
added continuous scrolling with scrollbar buttons
fixed colours when using XPM background pixmaps smaller than the window
added resources -sr/+sr, -st/+st
fixed application Cursor Keys
added many configure enhancements
added delimiting line between XTerm scrollbars as per XTerm
fixed utmp support
added minimal support for proportional fonts
added integrated use for Gray Watson's dmalloc package
added automatic prototype generation via src/makeprotos-sed
Grant McDorman <>
added PREFER_24BIT: if the screen is 24 bit, then use 24 bit windows
even if default is 8 bit
fixed utmpx support
added handling for Keypad left/right/up/down, etc.
added META8_OPTION for all function keys
added RXVT_TERMINFO for setting TERMINFO
fixed some bugs in menubar
added expanded keysym support
Paul D. Smith <psmith@BayNetworks.COM>
fixed title setting
fixed for building in other directories
added pointerColor for changing pointer colour
added borderColor for changing border line colour in XTerm scrollbar
2.21a3 to 2.21b*
1. From: Conrad Link <>
Fixed a bug in the OffiX Drag and Drop support.
rxvt inserted two instances of directories or links when they
were dropped onto rxvt.
2. From: <>
Fixed a bug that makes rxvt getting constantly "NoExpose" events
which it is not handling.
3. From: Mark Olesen <>
Fixed a bug that caused rxvt to hang indefinitly waiting for a
terminating ^G on an XTerm `ESC]' sequence.
4. From: Bernard PERROT <>
Mark Olesen <>
Fixed a bug that prevented to handle DEC VT2xx's ApLineDel correctly
5. From: <>
Mark Olesen <>
Now the Shift/Ctrl cursor key mappings are enabled regardless of
App-Cursor settings
6. From: Kai Petzke <wpp@mail.physik.TU-Berlin.DE>
Fixed a bug with respect to cursor movement. rxvt now handles the
'G' and 'd' sequences correctly
7. From: Geoff Wing <>
Fixed a couple of things in utmp.c
8. From: Denis N. Antonioli <>
Added the "-tn" option and corresponding Xresource variable "termcap".
This option specifies the name of the terminal type to be set in the
TERM environment variable.
2.20 to 2.21a*
1. Oops, forgot to include time headers in menubar.c
2. Finally got the correct DEC sequence to toggling the behaviour
of the backspace key and removed the other non-standard ones.
If anyone has a listing of DEC escape sequences they'd like to
donate ...
3. Fixed a bug that prevented an XPM file from being found if it
were specified with an absolute path and a geometry string.
Made the default scaling zero (tiled) since this is by far the
most popular use.
4. The Motif-style scrollbar is back as a compile-time option.
5. Added BUGS file and (thankfully) moved coordination of the
project to Oezguer Kesim <> who also
has a mailing list for rxvt development
Rxvt Workers <>
To subscribe to the list send email to
<> with the body: subscribe
6. Semi-retirement and finish my thesis ... bye for now - /mark
--- Oezguer started working on rxvt
7. Fixed a bug in the new menubar-feature. There were several unchecked
strings strcpy'ed which caused rxvt immediately to dump core.
8. From: Robert Bihlmeyer <>
Fixed a bug in rclock.c which prevented it to compile correctly.
9. From: Mark Olesen <>
Overstrike boldfonts and pixmaps now work together without pixel
droppings on the screen (at least under Linux).
10. From: Mark Olesen <>
Modified autoconf support: memmove() replacement function
supplied for those systems that need it, libXpm should now be
correctly found (set in src/Makefile *not* in config.h)
11. From: Mark Olesen <>
Converted doc/rxvt.ref to HTML format.
doc/html/refer.html = master copy
doc/refer.txt = text version saved using Netscape.
All HTML documents are put in here, to ease installation
12. From: Mark Olesen <>
Moved some file search function from main.c and some string
functions from xdefaults.c to misc.c.
Changed the implementation details so that `keysym' resource
is also available as a command-line long option ... even if
you have compiled with USE_XGETDEFAULT.
13. From: Mark Olesen <>
When a new pixmap is loaded, revert to the default scaling.
14. From: Mark Olesen <>
Reworked the menubar to permit multiple menubars in a circular
linked list (and all the management functions that entains)
and new functions including the following:
* reading from files
* dumping all the menubars
* clearing a menu (without removing it)
* setting a backgroudPixmap
* and many other features.
The menu syntax has changed very slightly from the last
version, but now provides greater flexibility ... see
refer.html for details.
Added the `menu' resource/long-option so a startup menu
can be specified. eg,
rxvt -menu -e rlogin machine -l user
2.19 to 2.20
1. You can now add snazzy looking menus to any plain (non-X) text
application. At the moment, the menuing system is simple but
The syntax for controlling the menubar is documented in
doc/rxvt.doc, but note that an XTerm sequence `ESC ] 10; Pt
BEL' is used so menus created for rxvt will be ignored by an
ordinary XTerm.
It provides sub-menus, click-and-drag, and even some user
definable `quick' arrows keys. However menu manipulation
could use refinement to permit multiple menus to be defined --
and the menu refreshing could also use some improvement, but
it can be extended and refined later as required/desired.
The files doc/ and doc/ show sample
implementations of menus.
--> It compiles and runs on my machine (AIX 3.2.5)
2. DEC private modes: Bug fix for 's'ave and 'r'estore parameters,
added a 't'oggle parameter to DEC private modes.
3. Made Backspace key selectable with DEC private mode
ESC [ ? 36 h/l/s/r/t (high/low/save/restore/toggle)
4. Changed the way the scrollBar is realized to permit on-the-fly
toggling of the scrollBar display and added a DEC private mode
escape sequence for that. Smoother redraw of scrollBar.
Better proportions for the arrows allows a slightly narrower
5. Added support for XTerm font changing sequence:
`ESC ] 50; Pt BEL', with (as usual) a few extras.
See doc/rxvt.ref
6. Adapted experimental XPM buffering from that supplied by
Carsten Haitzler <>.
7. Replaced `wait' with `waitpid' in src/command.c::Child_signal
to avoid a race condition and permit use of pclose() on SunOS.
Patch provided by <>, Thanks John!
8. For easier XPM handling, added `path' resource/long-option and
substantially enhanced pixmap scaling to provide very exact
control over scaling and positioning of the XPM background
image. The XPM XTerm escape sequence has been extended to
provide a convenient facility for on-the-fly rescaling.
Export COLORTERM="rxvt-xpm" instead of COLORTERM="rxvt"
9. Added export COLORFGBG to give hints to color applications.
Typically one of these values is exported, in which `fg' and
`bg' are numbers 00-15:
-fg -bg colors don't match any of color 0-15
-fg color matches color 0-15, but -bg color doesn't
-bg color matches color 0-15, but -fg color doesn't
-fg -bg colors match color 0-15
When compiled with XPM support, the last two values are
rendered as follows:
-bg color matches color 0-15, but -fg color doesn't
-fg -bg colors match color 0-15
10. Disable Shift+Prior/Next and scrollBar if saveLines == 0.
Slight change to key-processing so `shift+meta+key' and
`shift+ctrl+key' gets processed as `shift+key'. This provides
a way to avoid interpretating `Shift+Prior', `Shift+Next', and
Also, added DEC private mode sequence `ESC [ ? 35 h/l/s/r/t'
to disable Shift+key interpretation.
Provide for Ctrl+Shift+<KEY> combinations for function keys.
See doc/rxvt.ref
11. Always match long-option names, even when only preceded by a
single -/+.
2.18 to 2.19
1. Minor alteration to input mode for Kanji processing.
2. rclock: -adjust option, support for exec on startup syntax,
date format may now also include the century
3. Made mouse double-click respect autowrap lines.
4. Added marks for folded editing.
5. Added Offix DND (Drag 'n' Drop) protocol.
Added support for XA_TARGETS.
6. added Carsten Haitzler <> XPM patches to load
an XPM file for the background of the terminal window.
Uses resource `Rxvt.backgroundPixmap' or long-option
7. Use these (XTerm) keybindings exclusively and remove the old
equivalent bindings:
Shift-Prior = scroll up
Shift-Next = scroll down
Shift-Insert = paste mouse selection
Shift-KP_Add = bigger font
Shift-KP_Subtract = smaller font
2.17 to 2.18
1. Check for NULL pointers in command-line processing (oops)
Also fixed processing of `hidden' arguments such as -d, -g, -T
2. Fixed terminfo hpa/vpa: was `\E..' instead of `\E[..'
added invisible cursor (ESC[?25h / ESC[?25l)
3. Fixed broken kanji characters (?? and disappeared cursor box ??)
thanks to <>
4. In privileges(), changed setuid/setgid to seteuid/seteguid so that
it's possible to switch back to root later.
Perhaps fixed svr4 problems (reports no tty, no job control) in
get_tty() ... need to detect these SVR4 features in the configure
5. Restored scrollColor, topShadowColor, bottomShadowColor resources
that somehow got lost between the beta and release versions. For
monochrome displays, fixed scrollbar so it will be visible and
suppress color changes.
6. Final? iteration on selection. Store selection text with LF
line-endings but paste into rxvt with CR endings. Selection now
preserves the newline when trailing space is stripped from
non-autowrap lines. Compile-time support for using a keystroke to
paste from the cut-buffer.
7. Fixed utmp.c to handle both sysv and bsd pty names. More changes in
the works to improve documentation and eliminate race conditions ...
this, thankfully, is being done by someone else.
8. Added European language support (X11R6) - let me know of problems
and fixes since I only have X11R5.
9. Changed names of color10-color17 to color8-color15 to match with
those used by color_xterm ... sorry for the inconvenience, but I
didn't have an X11R6 xterm manpage until now and long-term
compatibility is quite important.
Added a real bold font (define USE_BOLDFONT). I still think it's
too much work to avoid pixel droppings for overstrike fonts.
Added support for specifying colors for bold/underline
(colorBD/colorUL) but it's only done when the foreground = the default
foreground ... see the manpage.
Compile-time selection of TERM="xterm-color".
Reduced the number of rarely-used command-line options since they
are accessible on the command-line via their resource names as long
options. More rigid differentiation between long and short options:
long options are --/++ prefixed; short options -/+ prefixed. Added
long-option help to give the resource names.
Removed run-time selection of right-hand scrollbar and arrows.
Removed run-time selection of (pageup_key/pagedown_key/alert_key).
10. Changed Ctrl-Up,Down,Left,Right to emit "\EOa,b,c,d" instead of the
previous "\E[^A,^B,^C,^D" to avoid problems associated with having
an embedded "^C" in a key-sequence. Disallow 80/132 column
switching as the default (same as xterm).
11. Check for seteuid(). Add "ttcompat" module for SVR4.
12. A few people suggested removing the keystroke for toggling MapAlert
and so I have. I agree that it was pointless and/or annoying since
there was no way of determining the current toggled state anyhow.
13. Fixed missing `ttydev' for _sgi. Fixes for BSD utmp support.
Exported WINDOWID before the window was created (oops).
14. Mouse cut&paste of autowrapped lines should be improved, fixed
bug in screen.c::scroll_text().
15. As was pointed by a user -->> in keeping with X conventions, only an
application that starts with 'x' should capitalize the first two
letters of the resource file, so the rxvt resource file (and class
name) should be named Rxvt not RXvt, this is a minor point.
16. rclock: As well as message reminders, rclock can launch programs and
(if no message text is given) act as a cron-type of program. Made
default font `7x14'. Fixed graphics context when mail is waiting
and a reminder is issued - so the message is actually visible!
17. As suggested by a user, changed the bolding algorithm to be slightly
more intuitive:
1. colorBD (if specified)
2. color0-7 -> color8-15 (if possible)
3. boldFont (if specified and found)
4. overstrike (last resort)
This takes advantage of the color capability and is the most
consistent when toggling font sizes on-the-fly. If you never want
overstrike (looks ugly and leaves pixel droppings) or boldFont (you
like to switch font sizes on-the-fly), you can remove them at
compile-time. The other elements are similarly compile-time
18. Another user suggestion: scrollbar made more distinct by having the
`trough' a different color from the slider -- I opted for making it
the same as the default background color so that the slider and
arrows appear to `float' on the window. Also removed topShadowColor,
bottomShadowColor resources as unnecessary.
19. Dropped distribution of vttest since Tom Dickey <>
is working on an improved version.
2.16 to 2.17
1. Fixed problem in scr_refesh_region() that was introduced in v2.16
The problem of `pixel droppings' continues when bold is simulated
using overstrike. Using XCopyArea() sometimes helps, but the
preferred and simplest solution is item 4 below.
2. Removed 7bit mode.
Changed definition of meta so that the ESCAPE is the default and
using meta to set the 8bit on an option that can be made run-time
configurable (assuming people still use this).
Added -/+rv command-line option, resource reverseVideo. NB: it works
slightly differently from xterm's in that foreground/background are
swapped even if they have been explicitly set.
Removed NO_COLOR option -- no more monochrome rxvt (one too #ifdef's).
Inherit existing stty settings (at least for control characters)
and set value of BackSpace appropriately.
3. Added 3D style scrollbar and removed all the old bitmapped
scrollbars and arrows with the only exception being the xterm
lookalike XTERM_SCROLLBAR which is available in a single width.
With arrows, scrollbar behaviour somewhat resembles Motif
behaviour. Without arrows, it's the standard xterm behaviour.
The default scrollbar (defined at compile-time or set by using
scrollBar: True) is to have a scrollbar with arrows arranged on the
right-hand side. The scrollBar resource is now exclusively a boolean
scrollbar resources:
NB: if topShadowColor/bottomShadowColor are unset, their values are
calculated from scrollColor using an algorithm adapted from
fvwm so it shouldn't be too hard to find scrollbar colours that
look good with your window manager and don't consume an entire
4. Added smarter handling of bold/blink when applied to the default
fg/bg colours:
If the pixel value of fg/bg matches the pixel value of colour COLOR0
through COLOR7, then applying bold/blink to the default fg/bg will
select the appropriate colour from BOLD0 through BOLD7 instead of
using the overstrike bold.
This seems to be the best way to handle bold/blink attributes when
the foreground/background match and ANSI colour anyhow. For
convenience, it is possible to use colour aliases (next item) for
the foreground/background colours instead.
My preference is a dull Canadian look:
RXvt*foreground: 7
RXvt*background: 10
5. Changed colour aliases (item 7 of last change) and dropped the `#'
prefix. This avoids confusion with the regular #rrggbb format of
specifying colours and is unambiguous since there are no X11 colours
starting with a digit. This also avoids the need to quote the `#'
to protect against shell interpretation.
6. Added colour cursor support.
-cr (cursorColor), as per XTerm -> the (rectangle) cursor colour
-cr2 (cursorColor2), only RXvt -> the text colour.
The cursorColor2 maintains contrast in a colour environment and
is optional.
Thanks Raul Garcia Garcia <> for the idea.
Cleaned up scr_refresh (again <sigh>) to avoid some unnecessary
colour changes and removed the reverse video graphics context and
just swap foreground/background colours instead.
7. Typo in command.c: had seteuid() instead of seteguid() <sigh>
Use cfsetospeed()/cfsetispeed() for POSIX termios handling.
8. Ignore the loginShell option/resource for programs that DON'T end
with "sh". A hack but it keeps `rxvt -ls -e rlogin machine' from
failing and I don't know of (m)any shells that don't end in "sh".
9. Hard-code dependencies in Makefiles to avoid using X11 makedepend.
Added check for atexit() to catch the problem that exists on SunOS
but not on Solaris.
10. Collected command-line option parsing and X11 resources into a
single file (xdefaults.c), and introduced a monolithic structure
(with bit-flags for logical options) to eliminate the massive
if-else-if parsing and to reduce possible overlaps/oversights
Short help provided for an incorrect argument.
For more consistency, more flexibility, and fewer switches,
made -grk4/-grk9 options obsolete, and replaced with `-grk mode'.
Added the resource `greek_keyboard' while I was there.
It is also possible to use a `--' or `++' prefix to get so-called
`long options' that correspond to the resource name.
For example,
rxvt +ls -bg Blue
rxvt +loginShell -background Blue
rxvt ++loginShell --background Blue
rxvt ++ls --bg Blue Error!
11. Changed REFRESH_PERIOD to 1 in command.c, the old idea of providing
for fast and furious scrolling needs to be reconsidered so that `cat'
works. Still needs some investigation.
12. Changed scr_poweron(), which corresponds to `ESC c', to also reset
the scrollback buffer.
13. Changed scr_change_screen() (when compiled with NO_SECONDARY_SCREEN)
so that switching from the secondary to primary screen will push the
old secondary screen into the scrollback buffer. This is fairly
useful if your terminfo has have rmcup=\E[?47l\E8, smcup=\E7\E[?47h.
It is NOT particularly useful if rmcup includes \E[2J, like some do.
Running with NO_SECONDARY_SCREEN provides faster switching than
with a real secondary screen and saves memory too.
14. Now that key values have mostly stabilized, moved the compile-time
key choices to "feature.h" ("keys.h" now obsolete).
2.15 to 2.16
1. Misc cleanup, rxvt once again passes the vttest (and reverse video
works again). Kanji support tested and seems to be okay. Finally,
an okay set of regular/bold colours. Compile-time option for a
right-side scrollbar.
2. Ctrl-minus now (correctly) generates ^_ [0x1F].
Changed termcap/terminfo to use normal cursor keys instead of
application cursor keys (rmkx/smkx, ke/ks) -- otherwise subsequent
rxvt/xterm starts with the application cursor keys active.
3. Fixed scr_reset() so that resizing is a lot more sensible.
Implemented the equivalent SouthWest resizeGravity (xterm X11R5) so
the bottom line of text on the screen stays fixed. If the window is
made taller, additional saved lines will be scrolled down onto the
screen; if the window is made shorter, lines will be scrolled off
the top of the screen, and the top saved lines will be dropped. The
old resizing code is available with -DOLD_UGLY_RESIZE.
4. Altered code so all man-page documented command-line options will
not trigger errors even if the feature wasn't compiled into rxvt.
Added old, backward compatibility command-line options, but they're
simply ignored. Eventually they can be removed -- perhaps Jan'97?
`-8': use `+7'
`-fat': use `-sb'
`-thin': use `-arrows'
`-meta8thbit' use `-meta8'
`-metaescape' use `-meta'
`-font_list' use `-font1', `-font2', etc.
These ones are just too weird to support:
`-ls-': use `+ls'
`-ma-': use `+ma'
5. Removed secure-keyboard option, too problematic and obscure.
6. First attempt at GNU autoconfig.
Still needs some work, but it's mostly okay.
7. Added minor aliases for foreground/background colours. This permits
colour specifications like -fg "#13" -bg "#10", which would set the
foreground to colour 13 (bright yellow) and the background to colour
10 (bright black). It's not terribly useful yet, but might
eventually be a nice way to have bold/blink colour work even on with
the standard fg/bg colours.
2.14 to 2.15
1. Small bug: initial width incorrect when there was no scrollBar.
2. Close the gaping security hole. Renounce setuid/setgid privileges
immediately and only take them up as needed -- chown() or writing
into /etc/utmp.
3. Reverted to using `<' and '>' to toggle smaller/bigger fonts. It
seems that many didn't like KP_Subtract/XK_KP_Add -- conflicts with
some editors, and not all terminals have a Keypad anyhow.
4. Man page reformatted by Piercarlo Grandi <>
so that it "now is done in the most delightful [sic] elegant 'roff
style :-)"
5. Started to integrate the Kanji support based on old patches from the
Linux-JE (Japanese Extensions) project. Consider it alpha until one
of the JE authors gives it a thorough check.
6. Added compile-time selection of a few different scrollbar widths.
7. When reading X resources, rxvt now recognizes two class names:
"XTerm" and "RXvt". The reason for two distinct names is that there
are many options common between rxvt and xterm -- to which the class
name "XTerm" permits easy access and configuration -- but there are
also several options, notably colours and key-handling, unique to
rxvt but which are useful to share between different rxvt
configurations; the class name "RXvt" permits this.
NB: The "RXvt" class takes precedence (in the event of a clash) and
is the only one ever used for the application defaults file.
8. The initial value used for the Backspace key (^H or ^?) is now
determined from the value of CERASE used to set the termios
structures. This removes the need for the BACKSPACE_AS_DELETE
compile-time option.
2.13 to 2.14
1. Default HOTKEY prefix can now be choosen as `meta', `ctrl' or
`shift'. Moved font toggle to KP_Add/KP_Subtract to resemble
resolution toggling of the XFree86 server (Linux) and so that Alt-<
can generate ESC-< for Emacs usage. Man page and usage() reflect
the changes. Note that if you choose the hotkey to be `shift', to
mimic the Linux console scrollback, you'll probably want different
keybindings for mapAlert and Secure.
The choice of the HOTKEY (ctrl or meta) prefix and some of the
key-strings can be compile-time defined in "rxvtkeys.h", although
probably the only changes desired will be in the string value
associated with XK_Delete and in the choice of a HOTKEY (ctrl or
meta) prefix.
Use shift or ctrl to temporarily toggle Backspace from ^H to ^?.
Use shift to temporarily toggle the application keypad.
2. Patch so that setting bold or blink works before or after changing
the colour (it used to only work before changing the colour). Also
added the option of having DOS VGA colours.
Thanks Avery Pennarun <>
3. Extensive reworking of pseudo-tty handling and addition of BSD sgtty
terminal handling and new utmpx (Solaris 2.x) support. MANY thanks
to Raul Garcia Garcia (
POSIX wtmp support added by Piet W. Plomp (
Added -/+ut option (resource: utmpInhibit) so you can sometimes be
harder to find :)
4. Finally? cleaned-up selection so that it works properly -- clears a
previously selected region without causing a core dump -- define
I believe that this should fix a long-standing problem with the
selection mechanism -- probably back from when selection of the
scrollback was added -- whereby all accounting was done in terms of
screen row values [0 .. RxvtWin.rows-1] plus the current offset
value. The anchor and end points were scrolled with the screen, but
the beginning point wasn't and extending a region that had its
anchor scrolled-off would give complete garbage. The new selection
scheme has lots of bounds-checking (too much?) to prevent these
problems. If PRINT_PIPE is not defined, then you can use
PrintScreen to dump some of the current selection state -- this
should help debugging.
Thanks to John Davis ( and Piet W. Plomp
( for helping to diagnose the problem.
5. Use information request `ESC [ 8 n' to change the window title
to the current rxvt version so you can find out what version you
6. Added simple code to permit run-time definition of the keysyms
defined. It's not as pretty as that used by xterm since it only
works with keysym values rather that key names, but the impact on
code size is quite minimal. I use it in conjunction with `-name vm'
to remap arrow and function keys for tn3270 ... quite handy.
At the moment the string length is only limited by the line length
(currently 256) used in "resources.c"
The syntax (at the moment) is
rxvt*keysym.0xFFnn: "a string value"
where `nn' is a 2 digit hex value 00 to FF. Of course if there were
an easy and small means of converting key names to keysym values,
then that would be better.
The enclosing quotes are required to start/end with whitespace.
Most of the usual escape values can be used:
\b - backspace
\e - escape
\n - newline
\r - carriage return
\t - tab
\000 - octal number
Anyhow, here's a brief example of what it looks like
in ~/.Xdefaults:
! F11 key - mimic the output of F1
rxvt*keysym.0xFFC8: \e[11~
! F12 key - whatever
rxvt*keysym.0xFFC9: Hello World!\n"\"String\" ends with whitespace "
! Delete key - remap
rxvt*keysym.0xFFFF: "Delete :)"
!Scroll_Lock as flow-control (^S)
rxvt*keysym.0xFF14: \023
7. Oops -- fixed resource name from scrollbar to scrollBar. Fixed
cursor colours to black on white (like xterm) for the scrollbar
cursors, but I've left the xterm (`I'-bar) cursor as foreground on
background because it looks so nice. Allocate all colours when
creating the window so that we don't have to worry about it later
and so that we can avoid potential hassles with colour-hungry
applications like Netscape.
8. Added a way to distinguish an rxvt from an xterm via the obsolete
ESC Z sending the vt100 answer string with 'c' -> 'C'.
Added support for resolving the actual IP number of the host for
remote DISPLAYs. Changed the answer back for ESC[7n to add a
trailing newline to support easier input into the shell. When the
display is local (i.e. :0), we add support for sending the first
non-loopback interface IP number as the DISPLAY instead of just
sending the incorrect ":0". This way telnet/rlogin shells can
actually get the correct information into DISPLAY for xclients.
Courtesy of Chuck Blake <cblake@BBN.COM>
[Note: I've not had a chance to thoroughly test this -- mjo]
2.12 to 2.13
1. Shift and Control now only work for non-application mode cursor
keys and with function keys.
2. Override XTerm mouse reporting with either Mod1 or Shift. X11
mouse reporting now properly includes modifier keys (see rxvt.ref).
Although this effectively degenerates to the Control modifier alone
since both Shift and Meta are used to temporarily disable mouse
reporting -- I don't know an easy way around this but that's what
XTerm does, although since it uses Control to pop-up menus, that
doesn't get transmitted either.
3. Moved a few more configuration items from Imakefile to configure.h
4. Added XAPPLOADDIR define to the Imakefile to allow use of the
application defaults file XAPPLOADDIR/RXvt when rxvt has been
compiled with FAKE_RESOURCES. Now, the following files are
XAPPLOADDIR/RXvt (compile-time defined)
$HOME/.Xdefaults or $HOME/.Xresources
suggested by John Gotts <>
5. Applied patches by Edward D.H. Liu <>
to fix the speed of pasting rxvt's selection to motif, xew or tk.
Finally! reasonable pasting speed to these applications.
6. patches by Gregory Margo <>
for xterm-style proportional scrollbar behaviour:
If pointer is near top, scroll one line.
If pointer is near bottom, scroll full page.
refreshPeriod resource and -refresh option ... still wishing
for faster screen refreshing.
7. Bug fix for partial matches (FAKE_RESOURCES). In addition to
resources for resource name `rxvt', also get resources for class
name `XTerm' as well. Remove checking for `command' resource since
it's not found in xterm nor was there any code in place to parse the
command arguments ... better just to use the command-line -e option.
Replace `fontList' with font1, font2, ... etc. for better xterm
compatibility and for ease of configuration. Changed processing of
string resources and command-line string options to avoid allocating
redundant memory.
8. Previously selected region is now properly cleared when Button1 is
pressed. Still have problems with click-and-drag when Mod1 or Shift
is used to override mouse reporting -- argh! Until someone gets
this properly patched, use Button1 followed by Button3 (to extend
region) in these instances.
9. Understands ANSI set default fg/bg colour (\E[39m / \E[49m)
10. In the screen accounting used in screen.c, use a '\n' to terminate
wrapped lines instead of '\0'. This should avoid mouse selection of
wrapped lines from including a bogus newline. No known
side-effects, but changes isolated by #define NEW_WRAPTYPE.
2.11 to 2.12
1. Extra functionality for XTerm mouse report mode. If mouse reporting
is enabled (the application will handle mouse events) the normal
scrollbar operation is disabled -- instead rxvt sends UP/DOWN for
the arrow buttons and PageUp/PageDown when Button1 or Button3 are
clicked on the scrollbar. Use Mod1 (Alt) key to get the normal
scrollbar/arrow button actions and also to get the normal selection
functions -- so that you can still cut/paste between X applications.
2. New colour possibilities -- 16 colours. Instead of using fatter
characters, a bold attribute now uses a brighter foreground colour.
Similarly, a blink attribute will use a brighter background colour.
It is also possible to choose these colours through the resources
(color0 -- color7) permit specification of the ANSI colours (black,
red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white), the resources
(color10 -- color17) are the brighter bold/blink equivalents.
Define USE_FAKE_BOLD to disable.
3. Extensive clean-up of source and headers to separate
interdependencies, remove unused variables. Introduced static
variables wherever possible to limit scoping and reduced the number
of external variables.
4. Allow NumLock to toggle on/off the application keypad.
Backspace sends '\b', Ctrl-Backspace sends '\177'.
Define BACKSPACE_AS_DELETE to reverse these values or use the
escape sequence:
ESC [ 36 h Backspace key sends BS
ESC [ 36 l Backspace key sends DEL
XK_End used to send "\033Ow", which is identical to XK_KP_7 and
confuses EDT-type editors. Now,
Home = "\033[7~"
End = "\033[8~"
Changed Alert & Secure keys from Alt-i & Alt-s to Alt-I & Alt-S so
they aren't so easily toggled.
5. Extra keystroke info. Pass Control and Shift indicators for
function keys (similar to the XJed editor)
F1 = ESC [11~
C-F1 = ESC [11^
S-F1 = ESC [11$
also, pass indication of shift status for arrow-keys
Up, Down, Right, Left
= ESC [A, ESC [B, ESC [C, ESC [D
S-Up, S-Down, S-Right, S-Left
= ESC [a, ESC [b, ESC [c, ESC [d
You wouldn't be able to use these keys for termcap/terminfo
applications, but the key sequences are available for remapping
within an application.
6. Added configure.h which is included by each source file and by the
Imakefile. Common compilation defines are now all contained in
configure.h with minor system defines remaining in Imakefile --
makes it much easier to configure. Used XCOMM macro in Imakefile so
that it actually works. Also added defaults.h for defining
user-specific startup defaults.
7. Added rxvt.ref to provide documentation of the various terminal
sequences that are processed. Updated man page to reflect changes.
8. Use xterm-style -/+ to turn on/off options, rationalized resource
names to more closely resemble xterm.
Option Resource
-help -
-display displayname -
-geometry geom geometry:
-bg color background:
-fg color foreground:
-color<n> color color<n>: <string>
where <n> = [0-7], 1[0-7]
-fn fontname font: <string>
-fontList names fontList: <string> <string> ...
-name string -
-/+ls loginShell: True/False
-/+ma mapAlert: True/False
-/+vb visualBell: True/False
-/+sb scrollbar: True/False
-/+arrows scrollbar: Arrows/True/False
-ic -
-meta8 meta: 8bit
-/+meta meta: True/False
-sl number saveLines: <num>
-grk4 -
-grk9 -
-print-pipe name pipe-pipe: <string>
-e command arg ... command: <string>
-T string title: <string>
-n string iconName: <string>
-C -
-/+7 bits: 7/8
-secure keysym secure_key: <string>
-pageup keysym pageup_key: <string>
-pagedown keysym pagedown_key: <string>
-bigfont keysym bigfont_key: <string>
-smallfont keysym smallfont_key: <string>
-prkey keysym printscreen_key: <string>
greektoggle_key: <string>
cutchars: <string>
9. Fixed Button actions for XTerm-style scrollbar so that Button1 and
Button3 do different things as they are supposed to. Replace -/+fat
with -/+sb and -/+arrows for more consistency with XTerm. Decreased
width of `fat' scrollbar (make closer to xterm) and increased width
of `thin' scrollbar (arrows too small) -- they are now the same
width. Also made it possible to remove the scrollbar altogether.
Added a visual bell.
Added many more defines to further reduce code size for various
cases, see "configure.h". It is also possible to alter settings in
"defaults.h" for configuration options that will only affect
screen.c and xsetup.c, this should help with compile-time
customization for those who don't want to use Xdefaults.
Added the define REPLACE_SELECTION_NEWLINE to make the substitution
of newlines with carriage returns for selection pasting a
compile-time option.
10. Fixed the graphics samples so that if you want to it's actually
possible to compile them. Added -name command-line option so that
it's possible to select different sets of resources.
11. Integrated initial support for X11 mouse reporting and added
Shift + Function Keys support.
2.10 to 2.11
1. If NEW_COLOR_MODEL is defined in screen.c, the new model I described
in an earlier email is used. (apparantly there are two, slightly
differnt models for using color extensions in a vt-compatible
terminal. This flag lets you switch.
2. If XTERM_MOUSE_REPORT is defined in command.c, mouse reporting is
turned on/off via the appropriate escape sequences. XTerm already
provides this support.
3. If .Xdefaults does not exist, .Xresources is searched for. It seems
that many here use .Xresources.
2.09 to 2.10
1. Really fixed the color problem (?) Got color-ls, and it works now.
2. Added patch to allow run-time selection of font list.
2.07 to 2.09
1. Fixed some color-usage errors.
2. Added double and triple-click support
compliments of (Angelo Haritsis)
3. Added Print Screen capability, as in most vt-100's
2.06 to 2.07
1. Fixed problems with rxvt screwing up tty permisssions (?)
2.03 to 2.06
1. Fixed a limit which imposed a maximum width for the
terminal window of 255 characters. There is no limit now.
2. Made provision for applications to get mouse-click feedback
when user clicks in a graphics window. See graphics_sample
2.02 to 2.03
1. Fixed memory management just a little.
2.0 to 2.02
1. Bug fixes for color and graphics.
1.97 to 2.0
1. Added ANSI color support. Compile with -DCOLOR
2. Added a graphics mode. Compile with -DGRAPHICS
1.96 to 1.97
1. Bug in refresh() which was causing slow refreshes after
clear-screens was fixed. Showed up during emacs start-up.
1.95 to 1.96
1. rxvt did bad things if it received mouse - Motion events
without a preceeding button-press. Fixed.
1.94 to 1.95
1. Created a substitute for XGetDefaults, which seemed to account for
1/2 to 2/3 of the memory used by rxvt (according to the SIZE field
of ps output). My substitute only reads the .Xdefaults file. Compile
with -DFAKE_RESOURCES to get my mini- XDefaults handling,
-DREAL_RESOURCES to keep XGetDefault.
1.93 to 1.94
1. Fixed some minor long-standing errors in the vt100 emulation.
2. Fixed ALT-<char> handling in command.c
3. Fixed minor bug with start-of-selection location.
4. Added xterm-type "extend selection" feature using
mouse button 3. Button 1 always starts a new selection. Button3
tries to extend the current selection if possible.
5. Fixed problem with bold-face fonts overflowing into
the next character for some fonts.
1.92 to 1.93
1. ran gprof to find bottle-necks in the code. Halved user
time, but had little effect on total time required to
update the display. Seems worth keeping for the more efficient
user-time, though. At this point, I think that most of the elapsed
time is spent waiting for input or waiting for the X buffers
to flush.
2. Used to refresh the screen every 2.2 screen-fulls during
flat-out scrolling. Really cuts down on scroll-time. Now,
refresh every screen-full (or when there's a pause in activity),
but when flat-out scrolling starts, decrease the refresh period,
so that its every 10th screenful after a little while. This has
no noticeable visible effect, since the scrolling text is
absolutely unintelligible anyway, but will improve the scroll
"feel" when doing just one or two screenfulls, ie in an ls -l.
3. Surrounded the code which uses XCopyArea with #ifdef's
I have never seen this help performance, but I think that there
may be some video-systems which benefit from this, particularly
in a full-screen editor or slow scrolling type of setting.
4. Performance in flat out scrolling, text only, on a sparc-10,
displaying rxvt on an HDS x-terminal:
nation@snoopy>/usr/bin/time rxvt -e cat k
6.1 real 3.1 user 2.5 sys
nation@snoopy>/usr/bin/time xterm -e cat k
40.8 real 4.6 user 3.4 sys
1.91 to 1.92
1. Added greek-keyboard support patches.
1.85 to 1.91
1. assorted minor patches
1.82 to 1.85
1. Fixed ESC c handling.
2. Fixed minor selection handling bug.
1.81 to 1.82
1. Fixed slow refresh during selection process
2. Fixed problem of not correctly clearing selections of 1 character.
1.80 to 1.81
1. Fixed some scrolling problems, problems with partially obscured
2. Added some neat debugging capability in debug.c
3. Patched up rclock.
1.74 to 1.80
1. Fixed core dump from selecting past the bottom of the screen
2. Fixed a few escape sequences, per the vttest program
3. Broke and fixed handling of moved/resize/new-font handling.
4. Still can't change tab stops correctly.
5. Ran vt-100 test suite. Added capability to change tab stops
and enter reverse video, and to switch from 80 to 132
columns and back. Fixed a seg-fault in scroll().
1.70 to 1.74
1. Fixed cursor drawing errors.
2. Improved smoothness of scroll-back operations.
3. Applied some SVR4 patches.
4. Applied HPUX patches, and a few cursor display patches
5. Fixed up font-changing routines a bit.
6. Fixed a scrolling problem for windows taller than the scroll-back
1.6 to 1.7
1. Fixed the problem with random rendition flags in the scroll
back buffer
2. Fiddled with re-drawing on the scroll-bar, and with
how often refreshing occurs.
3. Incorporated some AIX patches.
4. Included #ifdef'd changes to support vt100 printer.
5. Fixed send_string routine, so that it doesn't loose
6. Complete re-write of screen.c
1.5 to 1.6
1. Removed all use of a seperate bold font. Now uses
over-striking exclusively.
2. Added some more optimizations for drawing speed when
the window is re-sized or moved.
3. Implemented speed ups in screen.c
1.47 to 1.48
1. Cleaned up re-drawing on expose events, so rxvt only
re-draws the newly exposed parts of the screen.
2. Fixed backspace, which must have broken in 1.45.
3. Added command line option of iconic startup.
from 1.45 to 1.47
1. Incorporated improved bsd utmp handling from (David Perry)
2. Fixed a very minor bug where the solid-cursor can leave a
a bit of a ghost when you resize the window. Its stupid,
but it always bothered me.
from 1.4 to 1.45
1. Fixed scrolling error when switching to larger fonts
2. Fixed utmp-entry removal for SYSV type systems.
3. Icorportated patches for FreeBSD and svr4
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