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Dependency Status

Use dox to automatically generate beautiful html documentation.

Outputted HTML is based on templates and css from ZURB's Foundation and syntax highlighting is done by Prism.js.

Example time!

A little sneak


Install the module with: npm install dox-foundation -g


$ dox-foundation --help

  Usage: dox-foundation [options]


    -h, --help                  output usage information
    -V, --version               output the version number
    -r, --raw                   output "raw" comments, leaving the markdown intact
    -d, --debug                 output parsed comments for debugging
    -t, --title <string>        The title of the library or program you are generating code for (eg: Express). Overrides default of "Documentation"
    -s, --source <source>       The folder(s) which should be parsed. Multiple folders should be comma separated
    -i, --ignore <directories>  Comma seperated list of directories to ignore. Overrides default of test, public, static, views, templates
    -T, --target <target>       The folder which will contain the results. Default: <process.cwd()>/docs
    --template <jade template>  The jade template file to use


    # stdin
    $ dox-foundation > myfile.html

    # operates over stdio
    $ dox-foundation --title "myFile documentation" < myfile.js > myfile.html

    # parse a whole folder
    $ dox-foundation --source lib --target docs

Release History

Thanks & Contributors


Copyright (c) 2012 P'unk Avenue Licensed under the MIT license.