Automatic folding of PHP functions, classes,.. (also folds related PhpDoc)
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This is a mirror of

This script can fold PHP functions and/or classes, properties with their phpdoc
without manually adding marker style folds ({{{ and }}}). 
It will generate the following folds when executed:

 * This is Foo...
 * @author Foo
class Foo 
+-- 11 lines: function foo($bar) ** -------------------------------------------------
+--  8 lines: function bar($bar) ** -------------------------------------------------
+-- 24 lines: function baz($bar) ----------------------------------------------------

Based on e.g. functions declared like this:

* This is fooFunction...
* @param mixed $bar
* @access public
* @return void
function fooFunction($bar) 

You can view a screenshot here:

- It remembers fold settings. If you add functions and execute the script again,
  your opened folds will not be closed.
- It will not be confused by brackets in comment blocks or string literals.
- The folding of class properties with their PhpDoc comments.
- The folding of all class properties into one fold.
- Folding the original marker style folds too.
- An "**" postfixing the fold indicates PhpDoc is inside (configurable).
- An "**#@+" postfixing the fold indicates PhpDocBlock is inside (configurable).
- Empty lines postfixing the folds can be configured to be included in the fold.
- Nested folds are supported (functions inside functions, etc.)
- Folding private, public, protected class variables + multi-line param.
- Foloding the class is now an option disabled by default.
- Now works properly as ftplugin

- Better 'configurability' as opposed to editting the PHPCustomFolds() function
  and some "Script configuration" global variables.

This project is hosted on github as a mirror through
I do not own vim-scripts, so please fork mine instead:
It's then easier for me to accept pull requests and upload new version(s) here,
also I cannot put phpfolding.vim in the ftplugin/php directory through the interface.

This script is tested successfully with Vim version >= 6.3 on windows and linux
(With 6.0 it works *sometimes*, I don't recommend using it in that version)