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# Global system update script.
# © 2009-2013 Tom Vincent <>
_info() { echo ":: $1..."; }
_have() { which "$1" >/dev/null 2>&1; }
_error() { echo "$1"; exit 1; }
_have platform || _error "Can't determine platform"
case "$PLATFORM" in
_info "Checking for new Arch Linux news entries"
_have archnews && archnews
_info "Running pacman system upgrade"
_have pacman && sudo pacman -Syu
_info "Dealing with pacnew and pacsave files"
_have pacdiff && sudo pacdiff
_info "Running AUR system upgrade"
_have raury && raury -Syu --devs --no-edit --no-confirm
_info "Updating dmenu cache"
_have dmenu_path && dmenu_path >/dev/null
_info "Updating browser adblock user stylesheet"
_have update-adblock && update-adblock
_info "Upgrading dwb extensions"
_have dwbem && dwbem --upgrade
_info "Updating adblocking hosts file"
_have hostsblock && sudo hostsblock
_info "Running softwareupdate system upgrade"
_have softwareupdate && sudo softwareupdate -ia
_info "Updating homebrew"
_have brew && { brew update; brew upgrade; brew cleanup; }
_info "Updating homebrew-cask"
_have update-cask && update-cask
_info "Updating global npm packages"
_have npm && { npm update -g npm; npm update -g; }
_info "Updating Ruby gems"
_have gem && sudo gem update
_info "Updating Chromium"
_have update-chromium && update-chromium
_info "Updating adblocking hosts files"
_have update-adblock && update-adblock