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# Author: Andrew Harvey <>
# Author: Tom Vincent <>
# Copyright:
# The person who associated a work with this document has dedicated the work to
# the Commons by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under
# copyright law and all related or neighboring legal rights he or she had in the
# work, to the extent allowable by law.
# Works under CC0 do not require attribution. When citing the work, you should
# not imply endorsement by the author.
wpuser='' user name
wpblog='' blog name (the part that appears in the domain)
wppwd='' password
timestamp=`date +%Y%m%d%H%M`; #for our export file
#check for prefix in arguments
case $# in
1) prefix=$1;;
*) prefix='.';;
#check to add / after directory if ommited
if [ -f $prefix ]; then
echo "$prefix is not a directory (did you forget the trailing / ?)"
exit 1
mkdir -p $prefix
$verbose && echo "Saving files in $prefix"
[[ -z "$wpblog" ]] && read -p "Blog URL: " wpblog;
[[ -z "$wpuser" ]] && read -p "Username: " wpuser;
[[ -z "$wppwd" ]] && read -sp "Password: " wppwd;
$verbose && echo "Exporting WordPress blog: $wpblog by $wpuser"
mkdir -p temp
touch $cookies
$verbose && echo "Logging in to wordpress"
$verbose && echo "Getting the cookies check cookie..."
#set the cookie that we must accept to prove we can store cookies
curl --cookie-jar "$cookies"\
--output /dev/null \
$verbose && echo "Setting the authentication cookies...";
#get the session cookies (ie. login)
#post data:
#log username
#pwd password
#rememberme forever
#testcookie 1
#wp-submit Log In
#will try to take us to the /wp-admin/ page. but we don't need to.
#can't use wget (it won't save cookies with a path not in the path of the
#requested resource)
curl --cookie-jar "$cookies" \
--output "temp/login.html" \
--max-redirs 0 \
--data "log=${wpuser}&pwd=${wppwd}&rememberme=forever&redirect_to=${wpblog}%2Fwp-admin%2F&testcookie=1&wp-submit=Log%20In" \
#we're using https so don't worry, leaving it in seems to cause wget not to use the cookie
cat "$cookies" | sed 's/#HttpOnly_//' > temp/cookies2.txt
mv temp/cookies2.txt "$cookies"
$verbose && echo "Downloading export to $target";
wget --secure-protocol=auto \
--keep-session-cookies \
--load-cookies "$cookies" \
--output-document="$target_full" \
#may fail this test and things are still okay if things get changed at
#just comment this out if you wan't to go ahead anyway
if grep --quiet -F "WordPress" "$target_full"; then #successfully saved export file
$verbose && echo "Sucessfully Exported Blog"
else #failed
echo "Exported file does not look correct." >&2
exit 2
$verbose && echo "Downloading media files... (may take a while)"
#download any uploaded media files (I only check for ones that have .ext where .ext is allowed)
#these may change over time, and certain addon products allow more.
egrep -oe "http://${wpblog}\.files\.wordpress\.com[^\"]*\.((jpg)|(jpeg)|(png)|(gif)|(pdf)|(doc)|(ppt)|(odt)|(pptx)|(docx))" "$target_full" | sort | uniq > temp/files.txt
#two methods to scrape the media url's. both methods seem to yeild the same result
#grep -oe "http://${wpblog}\.files\.wordpress\.com.*" "$target" | sed s/\".*// | sed s/\<.*//| sort | uniq
#egrep -oe "http://${wpblog}\.files\.wordpress\.com[^\"]*\.((jpg)|(jpeg)|(png)|(gif)|(pdf)|(doc)|(ppt)|(odt)|(pptx)|(docx))" "$target" | sort | uniq
#now download all those files (doesn't redownload if existing file is no older than one on server)
wget --input-file="temp/files.txt" \
--force-directories \
--directory-prefix="${prefix}${wpblog}_files" \
--timestamping \
#in place of above could try --input-file="$target" with the XML rather than
#using a list of scraped url's...
#clean up
rm -Rf temp/