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Secure, user-configurable modeline support for Vim 7.

Vim's internal modeline support allows all sorts of annoying and potentially insecure options to be set. This script implements a much more heavily restricted modeline parser that permits only user-specified options to be set.


The g:secure_modelines_allowed_items array contains allowable options. By default it is set as follows:

let g:secure_modelines_allowed_items = [ 
            \ "textwidth",   "tw", 
            \ "softtabstop", "sts", 
            \ "tabstop",     "ts", 
            \ "shiftwidth",  "sw", 
            \ "expandtab",   "et",   "noexpandtab", "noet", 
            \ "filetype",    "ft", 
            \ "foldmethod",  "fdm", 
            \ "readonly",    "ro",   "noreadonly", "noro", 
            \ "rightleft",   "rl",   "norightleft", "norl" 
            \ ] 

The g:secure_modelines_verbose option, if set to true, will make the script warn when a modeline attempts to set any other option.

The g:secure_modelines_modelines option overrides the number of lines to check. By default it is 5.

If g:secure_modelines_leave_modeline is defined, the script will not clobber &modeline. Otherwise &modeline will be unset.


Install into your plugin directory of choice.