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This is a mirror of

A very basic python compiler script. The last line of errorformat:


is meant to suppress all further error messages after the traceback has been dealt with so that it will be possible to use :clast to go to the last error location which in most cases in Python is the one that has caused the error to happen.

Please note that if python is not in the path you have to edit the line:

setlocal makeprg=python

so that it contains the path of the python interpreter (e.g. c:\python22\python).

If you want to syntaxcheck the current python file without executing it, you could use the following function (from python_box.vim):

function! CheckPythonSyntax()
  let curfile = bufname("%")
  exec ":make " . "-c " . "\"import py_compile; py_compile.compile(r'" . bufname("%") . "')\""