Generate JsDoc to your JavaScript code.
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jsdoc.vim generates JSDoc block comments based on a function signature.

This plugin based on written by NAKAMURA, Hisashi

Depending on your confuguration, jsdoc.vim will prompt for description, @return type and description. It will also prompt you for types and descriptions for each function @param.


  1. Move cursor on function keyword line.
  2. Type :JsDoc or <C-l> which is default key mapping to insert JsDoc.
  3. Insert JsDoc above the function keyword line.


g:jsdoc_allow_input_prompt default: 0 Allow prompt for intaractive input.

g:jsdoc_input_description default: 1 Prompt for a function description

g:jsdoc_additional_descriptions default: 0 Prompt for a value for @name, add it to the JSDoc block comment along with the @function tag.

g:jsdoc_return default: 1 Add the @return tag.

g:jsdoc_return_type default: 1 Prompt for and add a type for the aforementioned @return tag.

g:jsdoc_return_description default: 1 Prompt for and add a description for the @return tag.