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vim-pantondoc provides pandoc support for vim (sans syntax highlighting, see below). Originally, it was a rewrite of vim-pandoc, featuring a more modular design. This allows for better configurability and advanced pandoc integration. Its aim is to provide an optimal document writing experience using vim.

As of commit c60e14e101f9192ab3b27e8dc24e176dbeaa2b10, vim-pantondoc is considered to be in feature parity with vim-pandoc.


  • Requires vim 7.4 (makes use of the new python facilities).
  • Doesn't provide syntax support. Use vim-pandoc/vim-pandoc-syntax alongside this for that.

Features (Implemented or Planed)

  • Modular architecure. (I)
  • pandoc-markdown syntax can be set to be used only for certain file extensions, instead of being the default for all pandoc-supported file formats. As a side effect you can use pantondoc with textile and restructuredText files. (I)
  • Expanded support for working with bibliographies. (I, partially) Aditional information on the bibliography items can be gathered from tooltips, where supported.
  • Annotations: add metadata to your files (comments, TODOs, etc.) (P)
  • Useful custom mappings for markdown writers (partially implemented).