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This plugin lets you encode and decode (UTF-8) strings using HTML entities.
Two new methods will be automatically available in your views:
* encode_entities: Encodes a string into a string with HTML entities:
>> <%= encode_entities("Über geek") %>
=> "&Uuml;ber geek"
* decode_entities: Decodes a string with HTML entities into a string:
>> <%= decode_entities("&Uuml;ber geek") %>
=> "Über geek"
Using Anywhere
Now it's possible to include the helpers in other classes easily by just including HTML::EntityCoder in your class.
If you *really* need to to use the helpers in a model you can do it like this:
class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
include HTML::EntityCoder
or a controller:
class PersonController < ApplicationController
include HTML::EntityCoder
Note: Don't feed the helpers with anything else but UTF-8. If you really need to, convert your string to UTF-8 first using Iconv (
A basic test unit is included.
HTMLHelpers is copyright (c) 2006 Ruben Nine (, released under the MIT license
HTMLEntities is copyright (c) 2005-2006 Paul Battley, released under the MIT license
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