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* li3_access plugin for Lithium: the most rad php framework.
* @author Tom Maiaroto
* @copyright Copyright 2010, Union of RAD (
* @license The BSD License
namespace li3_access\security;
use lithium\core\ConfigException;
* The `Access` class provides...
* `Access` exposes a set of methods which adapters can implement: `set()`, `check()` and `clear()`.
* You can read more about each method below.
* For additional information on configuring and working with `Access`, see the `Simple` adapter.
* @see li3_access\extensions\adapter\auth\Simple
class Access extends \lithium\core\Adaptable {
* Stores configurations for various authentication adapters.
* @var object `Collection` of authentication configurations.
protected static $_configurations = array();
* Libraries::locate() compatible path to adapters for this class.
* @see lithium\core\Libraries::locate()
* @var string Dot-delimited path.
protected static $_adapters = '';
* Dynamic class dependencies.
* @var array Associative array of class names & their namespaces.
protected static $_classes = array(
* Called when an adapter configuration is first accessed, this method sets the default
* configuration for session handling. While each configuration can use its own session class
* and options, this method initializes them to the default dependencies written into the class.
* For the session key name, the default value is set to the name of the configuration.
* @param string $name The name of the adapter configuration being accessed.
* @param array $config The user-specified configuration.
* @return array Returns an array that merges the user-specified configuration with the
* generated default values.
protected static function _initConfig($name, $config) {
$defaults = array();
$config = parent::_initConfig($name, $config) + $defaults;
return $config;
* Performs an access check against the specified configuration, and returns true
* if access is permitted and an array with additional details if access is denied.
* The data return when access is not permitted will vary by adapter, but it is
* ideal to have a "message" and a "redirect" so that a user can be notified
* about why they were denied access and so they can be redirected somewhere to,
* perhaps, login.
* @param string $name The name of the `Access` configuration/adapter to check against.
* @param mixed $user The user data array that holds all necessary information about
* the user requesting access. Or `false` (because `Auth::check()` can return `false`).
* @param mixed $params The Lithium `Request` object, or an array with at least
* 'request', and 'params'
* @param array $options An array of additional options.
* @return Array An empty array if access is allowed and an array with reasons for denial
* if denied.
public static function check($name, $user, $params, array $options = array()) {
$defaults = array(
'message' => 'You are not permitted to access this area.',
'redirect' => '/'
$options += $defaults;
if (($config = static::_config($name)) === null) {
throw new ConfigException("Configuration `{$name}` has not been defined.");
if (!is_array($params)) {
$params = array(
'request' => $params,
'params' => isset($params->params) ? $params->params : array()
$filter = function($self, $params) use ($name) {
return $self::adapter($name)->check(
$params['user'], $params['params'], $params['options']
$params = compact('user', 'params', 'options');
return static::_filter(__FUNCTION__, $params, $filter, (array) $config['filters']);
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