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Timesheet management add-on for Emacs org-mode
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Timesheet management add-on for Emacs org-mode

NOTE: the latest stable version is 0.4.1 which should

correspond to this MELPA version: MELPA

Super Quick Example

If you want to see how timesheet.el works quickly without changing your current configuration try the following in a test account (i.e. a user that does NOT have ~/.emacs.d).

  1. Make sure you have all the required Dependencies (see below)
  2. Copy the example Emacs configuration
    cp -a src/github/tmarble/timesheet.el/example.emacs.d/ .emacs.d/
  3. Start Emacs
    emacs -nw --debug-init
  4. Create an example timesheet
    M-x timesheet-example
  5. Move the cursor to the first clock entry
    CLOCK: [2014-04-01 Tue 08:30]--[2014-04-01 Tue 11:00] => 2014-04-01 Tue 08:30 -- 2014-04-01 Tue 11:00 @ 2.50
  6. Create an invoice (the example binding of <f10> I is to 'timesheet-invoice-at-point). You should see the invoice for Yoyodyne in USD.
    <f10> I
  7. Copy the GBP and EUR examples (, to the home directory:
    cp .emacs.d/elpa/timesheet-*/share/yoyodyne-*.org ~/
  8. Visit, move the cursor to first clock entry, create an invoice for Yoyodyne England:
    <f10> I
  9. Visit, move the cursor to first clock entry, create an invoice for Yoyodyne France:
    <f10> I



See the example .emacs.d configuration files for tips on configuring Emacs for MELPA.

Ensure TEXINPUT is set. Typically all you need to do is (require 'preview) as auctex will set this for you.

Start by creating an example client...

  • M-x timesheet-example

You will be viewing the buffer that already has some example time entries. Create an invoice with

  • M-x timesheet-invoice-this

Next steps...

Customizing each client

You can customize certain constants and properties for each client by defining the following at thte the top of the org file:

The properties are all used to fill in common parts of the invoice.

The constants are:

  • customer: used to determine the directory to store the invoice
  • rate: hourly rate (NOTE: this could be abused to be a daily rate if you record one "hour" to represent quantity one at this rate)
  • roundmin: the number of minutes to round to. By default this is 15 minutes. The value could be between [1..60] inclusive.
#+CONSTANTS: customer=Yoyodyne rate=20.00 roundmin=10
#+PROPERTY: RemitTo1 Emacs Consultants LLC
#+PROPERTY: RemitTo2 123 Any Street
#+PROPERTY: RemitTo3 Minneapolis, MN 55401
#+PROPERTY: Terms Net 30
#+PROPERTY: BillTo1 Yoyodyne, Inc.
#+PROPERTY: BillTo2 451 Franklin Street
#+PROPERTY: BillTo3 Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA


An initial attempt has been made to make timesheet.el aware of different currencies. Currently timesheet.el understands USD, GBP and EUR. Specify a currency by adding a proprty at the top of your org file: #+PROPERTY: Currency GBP

See the and files for examples.

NOTE: using EUR requires that main.tex include \usepackage{eurosym} (which is now part of the default main.tex template).

NOTE: no effort has been made to localize the use and location of commas and periods in currency strings.

For developers interesting in thinking more about this I have found the following links:

  • Regarding currency conversions
  • Regarding commas and periods
  • Regarding units (leveraging calc)
  • Related to numbers and emacs
  • LaTex special characters


This program depends on ...

  • The following emacs packages (MELPA): s org auctex
  • The following Debian packages apt-get install emacs24 make gawk sed git tar rubber texlive-latex-extra texlive-fonts-recommended texlive-fonts-extra evince


There are several known bugs:

  • Only tested on GNU/Linux

License: GPLv3+

This work is Copyright © 2014-2016 Informatique, Inc.

and is licensed under the GPL version 3 or any later version.

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