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Reports symfony project exceptions to Hoptoad
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sfHoptoadNotifier plugin

sfHoptoadNotifier is symfony plugin that sends notifications to Hoptoad ( about your project exceptions and error log messages.
It's based on 

The version 1.2 of this plugin use the Hoptoad API V2. The V1 is no longer effective since the 1st feb. 2010.


It requires a http client, which must be either curl, zend or pear (default).
 * pear:
        $ pear install HTTP_Request2
  (if it does not work, try: $ pear install HTTP_Request2-alpha)
 * curl:
    install mod_curl. On debian-like: 
        $ apt-get install php5-curl
 * zend:
    install Zend_Http_Client
Install the plugin
 * using symfony:
        php symfony plugin:install sfHoptoadNotifierPlugin
 * or using git:
        $ git clone git:// plugins/sfHoptoadNotifierPlugin
  then enable the plugin in config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php
 * or by direct download:
   tar xvzf sfHoptoadNotifierPlugin-2.0.0.tgz plugins/
   then enable the plugin in config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php

Configure your app.yml:

  * In app.yml of your applications:
              api_key: you_api_key_goes_here
              client: curl # either pear, curl, or zend
              log_level: err # all logs of this level or above will be logged into hoptoad

  * Clear your cache

        $ symfony cc
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